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Lacy Was The Missing Puzzle Piece

Written by volunteer Diana Kangas

I recently moved to Las Vegas from Reno, bringing my four cats with me (wouldn’t dream of leaving them behind).  After settling in, I looked around for an animal organization to volunteer.  In Reno, I loved volunteering for the Nevada Humane Society, so I naturally assumed I would find a shelter in Las Vegas.  After a disappointing search, I happened upon Heaven Can Wait’s website. The more I read, the more excited I became.  I love that HCWS has so many innovative programs.  First, I got my feet wet by spending a few hours each Sunday at the PetSmart adoption center on S. Rainbow & I215.

I felt that I was immune to the wiles of the kitties at PetSmart because my house was full. With Pepper, my crazy Tortie, and three boys, there was no room for more. I figured in another 10-15 years I would adopt an older black cat (the ones people pass by in their rush to the kittens).  Shows you how much I knew.  What I didn’t count on was meeting Lacy, one of the kittens in foster care that came every weekend.

I held strong for quite awhile.  Yes, I would cuddle her for hours, but I always put her down and went home to my Pepper.  A few weeks ago, Lacy apparently decided she was done waiting.  That Sunday, she wouldn’t leave me alone.  She was constantly underfoot and looking at me with stars in her eyes. As you can imagine, I caved.

My biggest concern was how Pepper would react to Lacy.  She’s already high-strung, so I was nervous about introducing another girl into the house.  Did I ever underestimate her!  Within five days, Pepper was showing Lacy how to properly bathe.

In all, I think Lacy is pretty happy with us. She likes to play video games (my game group talks about her all the time!).

She even gets to go outside.  Well, only in the screen-in porch, but likes watching the bugs, birds, and grass.

As she is getting older, she is only getting better. I don’t know how I ever lived without my little snuggle buddy at night.  But I’m not the only one who is happy Lacy is here. Tikka (BooBoo) lets her cuddle with him too, as long as she doesn’t complain about his feet in her face.

Thank you so much, Heaven Can Wait, for allowing Lacy to bring me so much unexpected joy.

To find the cat that will make your family complete drop by our Adoption Center Thursday afternoon – Sunday inside PetSmart off I-215 and S. Rainbow in the Arroyo Crossing Center.  Let our Cat Coordinator help you find the purrfect feline for you.


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