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Boozer Tells All About Life With His New Family

Once on death row in a shelter, Boozer has a great new family that includes two dog pals and four kids.

Story dictated by Boozer to his new Dad, Benjamin Ray

Hey Guys, It’s me Boozer, AKA Morley. I know the name thing is a little confusing, but the first thing my family did when I got to the new house was change my name. There are four small people here that sleep all day like me and my new brothers. My new Mom and Dad let them decide what my name was going to be. They came up with Boozer. Except one, he wanted to name me Carlos. He still calls me that from time to time, but I only answer to Boozer anymore.

Let me tell you about this place, first off I have two cool brothers that like to wrestle, sleep, and chew on bones just like me. Kansas is a Golden Retriever. He is extremely hyper. He likes to jump around and break things with his tail. I wrestle him sometimes, but not as much as I wrestle with Freedom. We still don’t know what kind of a dog Freedom is. He was a rescue like me, and he is freaking huge. He has a really loud bark, and I try to imitate him all the time. Sometimes when things are quiet, I try to get Freedom going by barking at nothing. My parents always laugh when I do this. I know: Freedom, Kansas, and Boozer… My Dad says we sound like White Trash. He says people are going to think we have a Confederate Flag hidden somewhere in our house. I don’t know what that is, but people always laugh. Anyways, here are some pictures of my Brothers.

Boozer's new brother.

Another brother.

 I told you that he is huge! So, when I first got here, my parents took me and my new brothers into the back yard to let us run around and get used to each other. I learned really quickly that I have to watch myself when I am running around out there. That night, I fell into the pool. I didn’t know how to swim, but I learned that if I keep running in the water, I will eventually make it to the other side. My parents picked me up out of that thing, and my brothers looked at me like I was crazy. I tell you what though; I have really learned to love that pool this summer. There is a big step at the front of it, and I love jumping in there and splashing around when I get hot. My Dad tried to get me on it this morning, so he could send you guys a picture of me, but he also tried to teach me how to swim this summer, and I am not so sure I can trust him just yet.

Usually when a dog goes into a new house, the people there spend a lot of time training the new dog. I don’t like school, so I played a trick and started training them. They aren’t used to having a puppy around, and I think they forgot that puppies love to chew on everything. I first started training them when I found an X Box controller. Man that thing tasted good. I am still trying to figure out what 50 dollars means, but honestly my parents weren’t too upset. See, I made them think it was their fault for leaving it out. Good, huh? The golden retriever wasn’t too cool about it. Apparently when he was a puppy, they used to get really mad. It’s cool being the youngest for sure. So, Two X Box controllers, a plant box, five rafts, two noodles, two pillows, some flip flops, and a trash can lid later, and now they are started to keep things away. I got to say, training them wasn’t too easy.

Hanging out with a buddy.

What else can I tell you about my new place? The four small people that live here love me to death. The two oldest of the small people sleep all the time, and I mean all the time even more than me and my brothers. Usually, I just snuggle up next to them. When they are awake though, they play with me more than the younger of the small people. The boy that wanted to name me Carlos likes to throw a tennis ball in the house, and watch me and my brothers try to race for it and slide around on the hard wood flooring. The girl likes to run around the pool for some weird reason, and I just go out there and watch her. Sometimes, I will chase after her. She also likes to take the vacuum hose and get me with it. It’s a fun game we play.

My parents are pretty cool too. I follow them around all the time. They just love the fact that whenever they are working on things, I am right there by their side. My Mom lets me sleep with her when my Dad has to work at night. I will stay there all night and make sure that nothing happens to her. My Dad isn’t so cool though. He has this couch thing that he doesn’t like us getting on. I’ve learned that if I hear him coming, I just have to get off before he says something, and then he won’t say anything about it. Freedom taught me that. My Dad also has a game that he likes to play with me when people come over. He grabs the back of my neck and shakes my face so that my jowls whack each other and make a funny sound.

Speaking of people, there are people over here all the time. I am constantly surrounded by big people, little people, and really little people. Some people are even smaller than me. My Dad loves to cook outside! I just watch him, and when no one is looking he’ll throw me a scrap. They call me a party dog, because I’m chill. I don’t jump on the strangers until they start wrestling with me. Then, it’s on. I’m all over them like Muhammad Ali. He’s the other Boxer.

Real quick before I go, I want to tell you this trick I’ve learned. Every once in a while my parents will leave food out. See Freedom used to try to sneak the food a long time ago, but he’s so big and awkward that he made too much noise and would always get busted. When he first told me about that, I went ahead and tried when no one was around. I’ve learned that if I am quiet enough I can get enough people food for me and my brothers. We’ve had steaks, chicken, hot dogs, burgers, shrimp, and even vegetables. I have to hide afterward though, cause that’s one thing that gets Mom mad. It’s probably the only thing though.

Anyways, this place is great. I get tons of attention, and there is always something to do or play with. I absolutely love it here. Thank you so much for taking care of me before my new family came and got me. I love and miss all of you, and I truly hope you are all doing well.

Love Ya,


Boozer is enjoying the good life with his new family.


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