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Daisy’s Wonderful New Life

Daisy on her way home with her new family.

Daisy is a Pomeranian that was rescued by Heaven Can Wait several years ago. Because of her sweet and cuddly nature she and another dog named Sammy were quickly adopted by a couple and life was good for the next three years.

Sadly the couple divorced and the woman took custody of Daisy and Sammy. The dogs settled into a new routine with their owner and life was once again good – for a while.

Then one day tragedy struck when the woman died unexpectedly in her home. Daisy and Sammy were by her side.

Heaven Can Wait rescued the dogs and brought them back to live in our Pups on Parole program in the women’s prison.

Sammy was adopted by a new family, but Daisy had no luck finding a second home.

Finally her fortune changed when our Dog Coordinator received an e-mail from Susan Christner that asked, “Do you still have Daisy, the Pomeranian? What is the process for adopting? Can you tell me more about her?”

That e-mail was the beginning of several conversations between our Coordinator and Susan. And before long, Susan and her husband John made the trip from Kingman, AZ to Las Vegas to adopt Daisy and take her to start a new life.

Susan, who owns a pet sitting company, has been keeping our Coordinator updated about Daisy’s progress with regular reports. Here’s a glimpse into Daisy’s wonderful new life.

On the way home from adoptions:

“Daisy was really good on the way home. Drank a little water. Was a little nervous to get out of the car once we got in our garage. She explored our home and yard and she popped right through the dog door.”

Belly rubs are great!

Getting adjusted to her new life:

“I am so happy to tell you that Daisy is OURS and doing GREAT!”

“She is not interested in the toys yet, but is starting to get a little playful. She will follow us around, but is quite comfortable walking off to explore on her own. She has given me a couple little licks on the hand.”

Going for a walk with Dad.

A few days later:

“Daisy is using the dog door during the day and loves sleeping under our bed at night. She loves the attention we give her. While I was at work yesterday, John said he petted her in his lap for about half an hour and she was still wanting more. She has been good with our feisty bird too. He came flying a few feet above her and she hardly reacted.”

“I am so excited to have her. I feel so lucky and proud to be her new FOREVER mommy!”

Daisy and her new bird pal.

You can make a dream come true for a homeless dog or cat at Heaven Can Wait by adopting a new pet or by sponsoring one.  Check out the many ways you can help by Clicking Here.   Adoptions are held each Thursday afternoon through Sunday for cats and every Saturday for dogs inside PetSmart off I-215 and S. Rainbow in the Arroyo Crossing Center.


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