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Why I Do What I Do

Amora found herself up for adoption after being with her family for 3 years.

 Written by cat rescuer Micki Wilson (Micki is a dedicated rescuer of feral cats and oversees several feral colonies in Las Vegas.  The following is a story she wanted to share with Heaven Can Wait supporters about a recent frustrating encounter she had.) 

“A gentleman contacted me recently, wanting to borrow a trap. When I asked him why he needed a trap, he told me that his girlfriend’s cat had been spraying in the house and on his belongings and they were tired of it, so he wanted to trap the cat and release it somewhere. He did not know where and asked for suggestions. He said his girlfriend had the cat for twelve years, but he only recently started spraying.

I was so very shocked to think that after twelve years this woman would dispose of her cat like it was a piece of trash! And she was doing it because her new boyfriend was not fond of cats.

This cat was displaying behavioral problems that were more than likely caused by the changes in his life due to the new boyfriend. The poor cat must be feeling so confused and unsure of things.

Why would anyone let this happen to an animal that has done nothing but love them for twelve years? Too many people only want an animal as long as it serves their purpose.

Having a pet is like any other relationship in our lives:  you get out of it what you put into it. If you nurture them with love and compassion, that’s what you will ultimately get back; but if you neglect the animal, you are bound to run into problems, such as spraying. These animals have no other way of letting you know there is something wrong!

So next time you see that cute little puppy or kitten, please take into consideration all that owning that animal will entail. It’s supposed to be a lifelong commitment. The beginning is always fun when they are cute, but as they get older the cuteness is gone and you have to be willing to go the long haul, even if there are problems. Truly loving that pet means you will stick it out till the end, no matter what!

If you can’t go the distance, please leave that puppy or kitten right where it is, so that it may find a good forever home with someone who will love them unconditionally. The way they deserve to be loved!

It’s time people started taking full responsibility for the animals that are so helplessly at our mercy!”

Dolly is a young cat waiting to find a home where she can live with a family forever.

Wonderful felines of all ages, shapes and colors are waiting for new homes at Heaven Can Wait Animal Society.  You can check them out online by Clicking Here or visiting our adoption center every Thursday afternoon through Sunday inside PetSmart off S. Rainbow and I-215 in the Arroyo Crossing Center.

4 Responses

  1. What a terrible thing for someone to do. I can’t believe that the owner would throw away such a precious life after 12 years. It makes me so sad. I hope that the poor cat was placed in a loving home he so deserved.

    • I can believe the a woman for a man with give up her cat.I have 3 cats and they are my life , if someone dont liked my cats , they go out first before the enter my life. My animals are number 1..

      • Right on Liliana…I feel the same way. Otherwise she did not love her cat in the first place.

  2. I am happy to read that there are other caring and devoted volunteers who care enough about feral cats to make the effort of providing food and water and even brief companionship for them! I live in Kingman, Az. about 100 miles from Vegas, and I have been helping about 15 feral cats now for over four years. It is overwhelming though, because the cats are breeding and a few have sadly been hit and killed by cars recently. Our local animal control , if they find these innocent cats will no doubt try to trap and then euthanize them, instead of helping to socialize and find them adoptive homes. Shelter overcrowding in Kingman is rampant all over this county, unfortunatley. I am planning to call a few animal sanctuaries around Mohave County to see if there is any way to rescue my group of feral cats. If anyone would like to help me start the process please contact me at sady 08@peoplepc.com Thankyou.

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