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Proud and Regal

Sandi was exactly the kind of dog Mary Lynn and Travis were looking to adopt.

Written by volunteer Carol Lisowski

Mary Lynn and Travis Lewis lost their female black lab, Yoshi, and were looking to bring another canine into their lives. Mary Lynn started looking on-line and while looking at the Nevada SPCA, saw a link for Heaven Can Wait. She was instantly drawn to click on the link as both Mary Lynn and Travis are Christians and the name hit an instant chord with her.

One of the first dogs’ pictures she saw was of Sandi, a female Sharpei/Greyhound mix. It was pretty much love at first sight for the Lewis’. Mary Lynn called HCWS to let them know that she wanted to meet Sandi. The Lewis’ were so excited to meet Sandi that they arrived really early at the next PetSmart adoption day. It wasn’t love at first sight for Sandi though, as she had some issues around women, having come from a home where she was abused by her female owner and abandoned in the back yard. Even though the Lewis’ could see that she was a little shy, they just fell in love with her, and didn’t hesitate taking her home.

Today, that feeling is mutual. It only took one serious talk with Mary Lynn about being stuck with her to realize what a good thing she has going now. Sandi had just graduated from the wonderful Pups on Parole program, and learned all of her training really well. She took up quickly with the Persian cat, Chanel, and even tolerates being whacked by her on occasion. She has claimed the guest room and sleeps spread out over the Queen-sized bed. Her favorite spot in the guest room and her job is to post herself by the window so she can keep watch over the neighborhood and guard the house.

Sandi gets a walk every morning with her new Dad, and gets to power walk with Mom a few times a week. When she is power walking, she trots proudly and regally, as a greyhound will do, which is one of Mary Lynn’s favorite things to watch her do.

We all hope that our furry friends will find that “forever home,” where they will be safe and loved and well cared for. Learning about Sandi from Mary Lynn left no doubt in my mind that there are those homes and people out there that will make that pet’s dream come true. Will you make that dream come true for one of Heaven Can Wait’s dogs or cats that are waiting for that “forever home”? Please visit http://www.hcws.orgto see who is waiting for you.



 Help us help other dogs, like Sandi, by simply purchasing things that you have to buy anyway!

All you need to do is apply for the Heaven Can Wait Animal Society Capital One Visa ® credit card and you can do just that!  You can even have a picture of your own special dog (or cat) on your card!

Here is how it works:

  • Go to www.cardlabconnect.com/HeavenCanWaitAnimalSociety  to apply for this animal-friendly credit card.  Use one of our images (Grizzly our dog mascot, Bosco our Clinic kitty mascot shown here, or a lovable dog/cat combo).  If you’d like, you can get a card with a photo of your own special dog or cat after 45 days.
  • Buy something and Heaven Can Wait Animal Society will get $50 after your 1st purchase.
  • We will receive 2% of everything you spend on gas and purchases at major grocery stores.
  • We will receive 1% of all your other purchases.

As a bonus, we’ll receive up to 10% on purchases with select merchants!  You will be able to access this merchant list online after you receive your card.  Support animals and help us reduce pet overpopulation just by making everyday purchases!

If you have questions about this, just email us at press@hcws.org.

(Credit approval required. Terms and conditions apply. Offered by Capital One, N.A. © 2011 Capital One.)



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