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9-Year-Old Raises Money For Heaven Can Wait

Sydney's love of animals turned into a fundraiser for the cats and dogs at HCWS.

Like a lot of kids, 9-year-old Sydney Ganz has always loved animals. Her family rescued a dog they named Sadie after they found her roaming on the street and Sydney personally adopted a Chihuahua puppy that she named Little Lady, from a municipal animal shelter.

But Sydney’s bond with animals grew from being fond of them to being worried for them, especially when she learned from her homeschool group that so many pets in Las Vegas have been abandoned.

Sydney said, “Animals in shelters don’t have homes.” So she decided to help.

The little girl and her mother, Prudence made a visit to their veterinarian and asked for the name of an animal rescue group where they could contribute. When the veterinarian suggested Heaven Can Wait Animal Society, they both knew it was the group Sydney would help.

Heaven Can Wait was the organization where Sydney already donated a portion of her allowance when she and her mother shopped for pet food. Each week the 9-year-old dropped change into a canister at the store.

Sydney’s mom said her daughter “took her role in helping homeless pets very seriously.”

She wrote an article for her homeschool newsletter and handcrafted an educational poster about ways people can help shelter pets. For a couple of months Sydney carried the poster to each of her brother’s baseball games so she could talk to people about animals and collect donations.

Sydney’s goal was to fill a piggy bank that she made herself. Finally the day came to bring the piggy bank to Heaven Can Wait where she proudly presented $204.34 to Harold Vosko, president of HCWS.

Heaven Can Wait is very proud of the hard work Sydney Ganz did for the homeless cats and dogs in Las Vegas. Thank you, Sydney.

To learn how you can help Heaven Can Wait stop pet overpopulation – Click Here.


8 Responses

  1. Sydney, you are an amazing, wonderful, very sweet girl. The article made myself and my family cry. Someday maybe the world will be filled with wonderful people like you. Huge hugs for you!!

  2. I would like to feature this story on the ParentClick – Las Vegas website . This week we are focusing on pets and this is a wonderful story and sure to bring attention to HCW and your animals . May I use a excerpt ?

    • Yes, we would be very pleased to share this story with ParentClick. Thank you for your interest in Heaven Can Wait.

  3. Sydney we are so very proud of you and all your hard work. You had a goal, met it, and then continued to exceed your goal. We love you.

    Mom Dad and Adam

  4. Sydney, You are the best friend I could ever have! I think it is really nice that you donated to animals! Mom and I are VERY proud of you!


  5. This is a very great youg lady, and love animals as I do…

  6. Sydney, as your grandma Edey and granda Philip learned long ago that whatever you do, you finish beyond expectations. Your kindness is so evident and we are so proud of your ‘projects’ and the joy you bring to all who know you.

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