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A Ruby In The Rough

Ruby was rescued along with her four puppies from an abandoned home.

 Written by volunteer Lucy Joyce

Ruby, a Belgian Malinois, was rescued with her four puppies from an abandoned home. The puppies were in good condition and all found new homes, except for six year-old Ruby. Ruby waited each weekend at the HCWS Adoption Center inside PetSmart (S. Rainbow and I-215) for a new home and a new life.

Brandi and David Kruse’s daughter, Autumn, was coming up to her first birthday. Brandi wanted Autumn to grow up with a lifelong friend, a great dog. Brandi wasn’t concerned about Ruby’s age. She wanted a larger dog with a good temperament that would be mellow around a one year-old.

Ruby had beautiful fur, mottling the colors of Fall, and a soothing temperament to match. Coincidentally, Autumn Kruse’s birthstone is ruby and the dog Brandi was about to adopt was almost called “Autumn” due to her glorious Fall colored coat.

Ruby needed time to adjust to her new home.

The storybook meeting with Ruby did not continue…Brandi tried to gate Ruby away from the resident cats, but Ruby could clear the gate and find the trash bucket to dig through the contents. Time and patience enabled the Kruses to introduce Ruby to the cats, who have maintained the upper hand and enjoy bossing Ruby around.

Brandi now keeps the trash in the pantry away from rummaging Ruby. Ruby has overcome her timidity with David, but is still more comfortable with females. Through all the ups and downs of Ruby’s introduction to the household, Ruby has been the perfect lady to little Autumn. Ruby will play with her one year-old friend, but knows to walk away when she wants time alone.

Ruby, Autumn and Brandi in the pool.

Ruby’s life is now on track, she enthusiastically greets her owners when they return home, enjoys a dip in the swimming pool and only barks as a warning that someone is at the door. Malinois are often used as police dogs due to their quick wits. Brandi is convinced Ruby knows English.

The moral of the story is that full grown, larger dogs can make great companions, a housetrained dog is a joy! Give your new friend a little time to find out the house rules and they’ll be your fairy tale friend.

At last, a happy family for Ruby!

 Click here to find other furry friends waiting for their new family at Heaven Can Wait.  Cat adoptions are at PetSmart off I-215 and S. Rainbow every Thursday afternoon through Sunday and dogs are adopted each Saturday.


2 Responses

  1. What a great story, long live RUBY..

  2. There is a lot of responsibility that comes with dog ownership, but Ruby was truly meant to be part of our family. Autumn absolutely loves Ruby and they kiss EVERY day. It is so cute to see them love each other so much. A lot of people may have overlooked Ruby due to her age, but we knew we could still spend many loving years with her. We are glad she picked us and can now be treated like the precious gem that she is.

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