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All You Need Is Love

Dusty and Sam are best "buds."

Written by volunteer Charlene Proto

Karalynn Repie grew up with Weiner dogs all her life while her long-time boyfriend Brian Buckley had an affinity for Beagles. When they spotted a Craig’s List ad giving away a Beagle/Weiner mix they felt it would be a perfect compromise. When they arrived at the address the owners were brutally honest and extremely negative about the dog they were giving away. He was “crazy”, “headed for the pound”, “chewed the hoses” and “ruined the garden”. Karalynn & Brain certainly did not feel this was the dog for them, but they couldn’t and wouldn’t leave Sam in that home.

Amazingly when Sam came to live with a loving, “dog friendly” family, he morphed into the perfect pet.

One year later the relationship with Sam was going great. In fact a little too great for Karalynn since Brian and Sam had become inseparable! She admitted to a little “jealousy”. She thought she needed a dog of her own and that Sam needed a buddy (other than Brian).

While shopping at PetSmart they happened to meet one of the HCWS volunteers. There were no dogs at the store that particular day, but the volunteer said they had taken in 2 Beagles who would be available for adoption in a few months. The prospect excited the couple and they left for lunch and a discussion. On a whim they went back to PetSmart after lunch and the two Beagles, Sadie and Jessie, just happened to be there. They brought Sam to meet them and after observing the dogs all together decided that Jessie would fit best into their family.

Dusty and Sam became instant friends.

Their decision proved to be a prophetic one. Jessie, who became Dusty, fit in perfectly and brought Sam out of his rather shy self. The two are now the inseparable pair: snuggling, playing, and romping in the backyard. Dusty taught Sam how comfy couches and beds can be; Sam taught Dusty to “sit and stay” on the front porch while watching the world go by. Dusty even convinced Sam that carousing at the dog park can be most enjoyable! If Sam goes biking with Karalynn, Dusty cries for him. They are literally “joined at the hip”. Just take a look at the pictures Karalynn provided.

A day for watching their favorite TV shows.

There is no better story than a happy adoption:

“Thank you so much for letting me tell our story. Sam turned into such a great dog and the addition of Jessie (now Dusty Girl) has been such a blessing. I would recommend adoption for any pet owner looking to add to their family. There are so many GREAT dogs that just need the right home. We talk about rescuing more dogs in the future, when we buy another, bigger house with a larger yard. We both believe that life is a series of dogs, each one so different from the other, but bringing the same satisfaction of sharing the love! ”

Karalynn Repie & Brian Buckley

If you are searching for your new four-legged best buddy, check out the wonderful cats and dogs at Heaven Can Wait Animal Society.   Cat adoptions are held Thursday afternoon through Sunday and dog adoptions are each Saturday at PetSmart off I-215 and S. Rainbow in the Arroyo Crossing Center.  To sponsor a wonderful dog like Dusty Click Here.


One Response

  1. I absolutely love reading the happy ending stories. We have our own, with a collie named Sammy & the tag along dog named Princess. We wanted a collie but only rescue dogs will do, so watched for some time & spotted Sammy at the SPCA. He had a partner, they were to stay together & I wouldn’t change that. Sammy tested us for over a month, ruining some furniture & things, but became the perfect friend. Sammy got very sick after a few years and passed away, Princess was lost, so we thought we’d find another friend for her. At first Smokey (the shepard/collie/something else mix) ignored her, but now they are pals.

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