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In Loving Memory Of Grizzly

In loving memory of Grizzly.

On Saturday August 6, Heaven Can Wait Animal Society lost one of our most important members – our mascot Grizzly.  He died at the age of 16.  This funny little dog with a larger than life personality was abandoned on the doorstep of Heaven Can Wait 6 years ago.  He quickly won the hearts of all our members, but like a lot of dogs Grizzly chose one person to be his special pal.  He and our president, Harold Vosko shared an exceptional bond and for the past two years Griz has been a permanent member of the Vosko household.

Grizzly will be greatly missed.  Below is his story, written by Lindsay Yates, the daughter of board member Kim Yates.  Grizzly’s story is part of a HCWS activity book for children on  treating animals humanely.

Rest in peace, Griz.


by Lindsay Yates

I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t feel pain.  It hurts to walk, to shake, to eat, to live.  It’s dark outside now.  I’m being driven somewhere.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the car.  I love car rides, so I’m thankful.  I wonder where I’m going. Suddenly, I’m being lifted painfully from my position in the backseat and casually tossed onto a doorstep of a house I’m not familiar with.  There are lots of smells on this doorstep. Cats…mainly I smell cats.  There are dog and human odors too.  I know immediately this is a place that many animals have visited.  I’m so tired from worry; I decide to lie on the porch.  I’ll just stay a few minutes, until I get my strength back…

Light, bright light!  I awake to the sun streaming on top of me.  It warms me from the inside and I feel better.  I hear the sound of a car door slam and I wonder if my owners have come back for me.  I lift my head to sniff and notice that the human is male.  I’m scared, but I know I can’t run away…the pain.

“Hey, old guy,” he says in a soothing voice.  I start to snarl at him, but notice the way he smells.  He smells warm, like other dogs and cats.  I lick his hand once.  He smiles and strokes my furless back.

“You need to see a vet,” he says in the same soothing voice.  I try to get up and follow him, but can’t.  My paws hurt so badly.

“You poor old guy,” he croons.  Suddenly I’m being lifted off the ground. I’m not scared anymore.  He puts me in the car.  I sleep in his lap the whole way.

I don’t like the “vet.”  I don’t like him at all.  He stuck something sharp and pointy in my leg until blood came out of my body.  It hurt.  I whined, but felt better because the man stayed with me the whole time telling me it was going to be okay.  Then, the “vet” took out a sharp tool and started digging my claws out of my paws.  He cuts my claws back.  It’s uncomfortable for a time, but still the man stays with me.  In the end I’ve learned to appreciate the “vet.”  He has made me look and feel better than I ever remember!

Grizzly being silly and good natured.

It’s been 3 years since the nice man found me. I’m a happy dog now.  With good food and care, my coat grew back and I can walk again!   I live with the man, his wife and many other dogs.  We go for a ride in the car every day!  I’m an old dog.  I can’t use the dog door to go outside like the other dogs do, and I have to be carried up and down the stairs every night, every morning, and every time I have to go to the bathroom.  Companion animals should always have a happy ending…I got mine!

This was the story of Grizzly.  Heaven Can Wait’s first mascot.  It’s all true.  He was abandoned at the doorstep of the Heaven Can Wait house 6 years ago.  He had very little fur, his claws had grown so long they were digging into his paws, and a blood test indicated he had a thyroid condition.  Griz thrived under the constant care and love of all the devoted people at Heaven Can Wait . 

No one deserves more credit for Griz living beyond his time than Harold and Rachel Vosko.  Although Harold complained that Grizd marked every piece of furniture in the house, barked loudly and endlessly at all hours of the night to be let out, and blatantly ignored commands he didn’t wish to respond to, we all know that Griz had a very special place in the hearts of all of those living in the Vosko household!

Grizzly a one-of-a-kind dog!

Heaven Can Wait has set up a Grizzly Memorial Fund to help all abandoned dogs and cats in our care.  Please send your donation to P.O. Box 30158, Las Vegas, NV 89173 or go to www.hcws.org and Click on Grizzly.


9 Responses

  1. This is an incredible story almost me in tears. R.I.P. GRIZ…You are in a better place.

  2. My thoughts are with everyone at HCWS…especially Harold. I know how special Grizzy was and is to the HCWS family.

  3. Griz’s story is a true testament to all of the kindness shown by Harold and Rachel Vosko to ALL of the animals they come in contact with

  4. This story is so heartwarming I am crying as I am typing. Thank Heaven for Heaven Can Wait and the Vosko Family!

  5. I feel with you, because i know how it feels to lose a friend…but i think he is in a better place right now!
    And i loveed your story!!!

  6. Sorry for your loss. I know Griz was a big part of your lives.

  7. Harold, the night time sky is a little brighter now. God has placed a special new star in heaven and his name is Grizzly. Know that I share in your pain and loss. May your love for and memories of Grizzly help fill the incredible void in your heart.

  8. Sorry for your loss, I know all to well how that feels. He is in a better place. We send our condolences.

  9. I am again commenting, I know the feeling, I lost mt Sheltie in March a THERAPY/SERVICE DOG to liver CANCER. I WAS DEVASTATED. Again, R.I.P. GRIZZLY…

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