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Choosing A Name For Your New Pet

Thor is a great name for this gentle giant. Thor is deaf and waiting at HCWS for a new home.

Written by volunteer Sarah Bontrager

So, you’ve just adopted a new pet and while the little darling may have already come with a   name, you most likely will want to find a fitting one yourself. Here are a few tips for giving the newest member of your family a lasting moniker.


Take a few days to just observe your new pet. Adopting a pet from a shelter or animal rescue may mean that some time is needed for your new friend’s true personality to come out. So, for the initial adjustment period, just give your pet plenty of love and encouragement with a pleasant tone of voice.

Once your pet’s personality starts to shine through you may be inspired to give a fitting name like Happy, or Sweetie.


Perhaps your new pet has taken the place of a much-loved former pet. While your previous buddy will never be replaced, there is a lot to be said about tradition. Spot the III, or Jingles Jr. may be a nice way to keep a memory alive while creating new ones.


Scruffy, Peanut and Cocoa bring to mind a visual of what these pals may look like. Of course, humorous names, like Tiny for a Great Dane can wonderful, as well! All creatures are beautiful, so let your new friend’s charms inspire you!

Renaming Tips:

  • Remember that you must be happy with your pet’s name, as you will be calling it out for years to come. So, play around with names and don’t commit until you’re sure.
  • Your new pet is truly a member of the family, so get the whole gang in on the naming process and take a vote on the favorites.
  • When re-naming your pet use repetition! The more you call your pet by the name the more it will understand you’re talking to him.
  • Rewards and consistency help. Use the name in all training phrases from “Come” to “Sit.” Voice infliction and reinforcement are among the best ways to communicate with your new pet.

If you or anyone you know are looking to adopt a new pet, or are interested in supporting our efforts, please visit the Heaven Can Wait Animal Societywebsite at: http://www.hcws.org/


Help HCWS help pets, like Bosco by simply purchasing things that you have to buy anyway!

All you need to do is apply for the Heaven Can Wait Animal Society Capital One Visa ® credit card and you can do just that! You can even have a picture of your own special dog (or cat) on your card!

Here is how it works:

• Go to http://www.cardlabconnect.com/HeavenCanWaitAnimalSociety to apply for this animal-friendly credit card. Use one of our images (Grizzly our dog mascot, Bosco our Clinic kitty mascot shown here, or a lovable dog/cat combo). If you’d like, you can get a card with a photo of your own special dog or cat after 45 days.

• Buy something and Heaven Can Wait Animal Society will get $50 after your 1st purchase.

• We will receive 2% of everything you spend on gas and purchases at major grocery stores.

• We will receive 1% of all your other purchases.

As a bonus, we’ll receive up to 10% on purchases with select merchants! You will be able to access this merchant list online after you receive your card. Support animals and help us reduce pet overpopulation just by making everyday purchases!

If you have questions about this, just email us at press@hcws.org.(Credit approval required. Terms and conditions apply.

Offered by Capital One, N.A. © 2011 Capital One.)


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  1. I love it! I got a white boxer 7 years ago and decided on the name Yankee.

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