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Tribute To Raxsy

Raxsy was abandoned when she was 2 years-old.

In February 2002, when the Pups on Parole dog rehabilitation program was in its infancy, Heaven Can Wait took in a two-year-old German shepherd named Raxsy. Her owner was getting married and moving away and Raxsy wasn’t able to come along.

Soon after, a young girl named Mallory came to the Adoption Center with her parents to see our dogs. Her eyes fell onto a “chubby” shepherd who was getting a lot of attention. She knew Raxsy would be going home with her that afternoon.

Mallory and Raxsy were inseparable buddies until the dog passed away on June 28, 2011. Below is Mallory’s tribute to her four-legged friend. (Grab a tissue)

“Raxsy, I miss you every day. Can’t help but tear up as I start to think of all the things I want to could write. It’s a sad/happy cry. Seems like yesterday Mom and Dad decided they wanted to find me a companion to have and run around with. I was 12 years-old and ready to commit to somebody for the rest of their life.

There you were, overweight, furry, and not sure what was going on. All you knew is your previous owner ditched you and you weren’t sure why. I told Mom and Dad I wanted you. So, you came home with us.

You filled my life with so much joy, girl. You gave me more hugs & kisses than I could count. You were neurotic your whole life, always thinking I wasn’t ever going to come back. Little did you know, I was always talking about what an amazing pup I had.

Raxsy and Mallory - buddies forever!

You bonded with me through many broken hearts from high school boyfriends and definitely didn’t care too much for Anthony when I first met him, but you grew to love him like I did. He loves you as much as I do and it showed the day you left this world to wait at Rainbow Bridge.

Too intelligent for your own good, we could only laugh when you threw tantrums by throwing pool skimmers around and stomping around when we put you outside to potty when you didn’t want to or when you chewed Mom’s faceless doll apart because you were mad Jared brought home your arch nemesis, Heidi.

I love you, Raxsy. My spunky little girl. I miss you and can only help but smile when I think about all the joy you brought me. I don’t know if you know this, but I would’ve always chosen you over anyone else. You are and always will be, my best friend.

I know you’re not a dog person, girl, but I brought Chewbacca home the other day. His last owner’s ditched him and I think it’s only right to do for him what I did for you. I think you’d like him.

We’ll be together again one day and I look forward to it. I know you’ll guide me through and make sure I’m okay. I love you always & forever.”

-Mallory Volk

Mallory's new pup, Chewbacca.


5 Responses

  1. This is a beautiful memorial to Maxey. I lost my BEAUTIFUL SHELTIE this March, he was a THERAPY/SERVICE DOG, got into many lives and hearts, everyone that knew him LOVED him as much as I did and still do. This April I purchaed another Sheltie and she is a gorgeous little girl, and filled the void in my life with the help of Gordie’s spirit(my first Sheltie). It was hard being 73yrs old he was my COMPANION went everywhere with me. Also was always by my side after two CANCER SURGERIES in 2006. My little girl now will pick up where Gordie left off.

  2. Oh so beautiful. It just so happens that I lost my best buddy two years ago today. I miss my CJ more than any words could ever express. He too was a big, goofy German Shepherd who wanted me all to himself. He was indeed a gentle giant. I think of him everyday, but now I can smile instead of tearing up. I am so blessed to have been his best friend for as long as I was.

  3. Thank you so much. She was the best friend I’ve ever had. I miss her, everyday. She had the biggest heart and the biggest brain. Smart and loving. Lethal combo with her. Love her always<3 Chewy has definitely helped that hole in my heart. He's a young goof. and Smart and funny and VERY loving has well. Must be the Shepherd in him<33

  4. Pups on Parole and all the Heaven Can Wait programs save the souls of people and animals.
    Thank you HCW for all of your hard work!


  5. Beautiful story and tribute. I can’t imagine my life without animals…my pets have added so much joy and happiness to my life…I hope they know when they finally do have to leave us just how much they have given us…and there is no better way to show how much we loved and cherished them than by doing it all over again and adopting a new love of your life.

    Good luck to you and Chewy! Raxsy is smiling down on you…:-)


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