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How To Communicate With Your Pet

Bugsy is a great communicator with that big smile! Bugsy is ready for adoption at HCWS.

Written by volunteer Sarah Bontrager

“What’s that, Lassie, Timmy’s in the well?” We all remember the famous Lassie and of course, the Talking Mr. Ed, but chances are, your pet doesn’t possess the same stellar communication skills.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t still have a solid communicative connection with your pet. According to the msnbc.com article, we can read the body language of our pets for cues and clues to how they feel

Here are some of author Kim Campbell Thornton’s most interesting insights to what your four-legged friend is telling you:

  • A tail that wags more to the right is a sign of a happy dog.
  • A slow and stiff tail wag can mean the dog is wary of the person or situation.
  • Upturned tails are a sign of confidence, as a “tail tucked between the legs” lives up to its expression.
  • With dogs and cats; ears up are a sign of interest, and ears pulled back show fear or caution.
  • It’s all in the eyes – watch your pet as he glances at you, then the object of his desire, then back to you. No surprise if it’s a snack!

In addition, your non-verbal communication can be picked up by your pet, too. Have you ever noticed when you are ill, injured or emotional how often man’s best friend lives up to his name? How wonderful it is for us to have our confidants!

Practice your communication skills by using hand gestures, eye movements and other non-verbal cues to see what your pet can decipher. It can be a fun bonding experience!

Remember that consistency is the key to a happy cohabitation with you and your pets. Establishing good training, exercise and playtime techniques will only strengthen your communication with your pet.

Heaven Can Wait Animal Society has lots of great cats and dogs waiting for a new home.  Come meet them every Saturday inside PetSmart off I-215 and S. Rainbow in the Arroyo Crossing Center.

Help us help other dogs, like Bugsy, by simply purchasing things that you have to buy anyway!

All you need to do is apply for the Heaven Can Wait Animal Society Capital One Visa ® credit card and you can do just that!  You can even have a picture of your own special dog (or cat) on your card!

Here is how it works:

  • Go to www.cardlabconnect.com/HeavenCanWaitAnimalSociety  to apply for this animal-friendly credit card.  Use one of our images (Grizzly our dog mascot shown here, Bosco our Clinic kitty mascot, or a lovable dog/cat combo).  If you’d like, you can get a card with a photo of your own special dog or cat after 45 days.
  • Buy something and Heaven Can Wait Animal Society will get $50 after your 1st purchase.
  • We will receive 2% of everything you spend on gas and purchases at major grocery stores.
  • We will receive 1% of all your other purchases.

As a bonus, we’ll receive up to 10% on purchases with select merchants!  You will be able to access this merchant list online after you receive your card.  Support animals and help us reduce pet overpopulation just by making everyday purchases!

If you have questions about this, just email us at press@hcws.org.

(Credit approval required. Terms and conditions apply. Offered by Capital One, N.A. © 2011 Capital One.)

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