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What Is Operation Clean Sweep?

Licorice is a friendly young cat who is looking for a home.

Heaven Can Wait Animal Society is proud to announce the latest coordinated effort to stop pet overpopulation in Las Vegas.  Operation Clean Sweep is a spay and neuter program targeted at “Free-Roaming Neighborhood Cats.

Did you know that a dog entering a Las Vegas area animal shelter has a 50 percent chance of being reunited with its owner or being adopted into a new home?   A cat that lands in an animal shelter has only a 10 percent chance of finding its owner or being adopted.  

More than 30,000 healthy animals are euthanized in our city’s animal shelters each year and the overwhelming majority of them are cats.

Operation Clean Sweep is a coordinated effort to stop this tragedy by sterilizing every free-roaming cat and owned cat in neighborhoods flagged by Animal Control as “at risk” areas.

The program is the combined work of: Heaven Can Wait Animal Society, Community Cat Coalition of Clark County (C5), Las Vegas Valley Humane Society, Clark County Animal Control and The Animal Foundation.  It is being funded through grants from PetSmart Charities and the Engelstad Foundation.

The program helps residents comply with the Clark County ordinance (effective May 19, 2010) which requires all pets to be spayed/neutered.  For a fee of $10 residents can arrange to have their cats sterilized and vaccinated at the HCWS low-cost clinic.

To help the cats without owners, Operation Clean Sweep enlists volunteers in each neighborhood to trap felines and bring them to the HCWS spay and neuter clinic where each animal is sterilized and vaccinated free of charge.

Operation Clean Sweep provides training to the volunteers so they can humanely trap the cats.

Operation Clean Sweep is a huge effort that takes many volunteers.  Even the HCWS Youth Group has gotten involved in the program.  There are flyers to handout, block parties to organize, cats to trap and transport and cat food to distribute.

If you would like to volunteer to help with this challenging program that will forever change the lives of cats in our city, please call: 227-5555 Monday – Thursday.   Operation Clean Sweep will not stop until every free-roaming cat is fixed. 

Max is a young at heart 12-year-old at the Heaven Can Wait Adoption Center.

Heaven Can Wait has spayed and neutered nearly 60,000 animals since our start in 2000.  Rescuing an animal saves one life; spaying and neutering saves a generation.


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