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One Person’s Impulse Purchase Is Another’s Lifelong Investment!


Peaches was bought on a whim at a pet shop.

Written by volunteer Sarah Bontrager

Peaches, the Malitpoo, has a story that can be a lesson to us all. Originally bought from a pet store, Peaches was given to Heaven Can Wait Animal Society (HCWS) when her owner decided she was not up for the responsibility of training.

Fortunately, Peaches found a permanent home with Calvin and Yvonne who were still mourning the loss of their two beloved Cocker Spaniels. The couple was planning on getting some fish and not planning on adopting a dog yet, but seeing Peaches changed that one day at a PetSmart adoption fair.

“She stayed at the back of the cage for a while,” Calvin said. “But when we took her out she cuddled right up to us. She loves to cuddle.” Calvin and Yvonne did not adopt Peaches on the spot, but instead went home and thought about it and then called HCWS to hold her until they could come get her the next week.

Their last six months with Peaches has been a dream, they say, and that she is very obedient and well trained. While she is a watchdog and protective of her turf, Peaches hardly ever barks. She is also a very good companion for Grandson, Julian, who is six.

She loves attention and knows how to get it. Peaches jumps with long, spring-loaded legs and dances around constantly. Her favorite toys are chew ropes, she loves to wrestle, and sometimes she gets chicken or rice as a special treat.

Calvin and Yvonne are ideal adoptive parents because they did not act on impulse, which is what led to Peaches arrival to Heaven Can Wait in the first place. Adopting a pet is a serious decision and should be made with certainty. While we can all be easily influenced by a cute face, please take the time to do research and weigh all your options. That way you can ensure a happy addition to your family like Calvin and Yvonne did.

“She is a wonderful dog and we love her so much,” Yvonne said. Peaches has definitely filled a void in their lives, and now she has a place to call home once and for all.

Heaven Can Wait has lots of great dogs and cats that need homes.  You can meet them each Saturday at our Adoption Center inside PetSmart off I-215 and S. Rainbow in the Arroyo Crossing Center.  Or you can get a sneak peek at: www.hcws.org


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