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Student Council Fundraiser

Students sold stuffed "foster pets" to benefit HCWS.

The Student Council at John Dooley Elementary School recently had a fundraiser to support Heaven Can Wait Animal Society.  The Student Council sold stuffed foster pets.  Each small cardboard crate came complete with a stuffed animal and kennel card detailing that animal’s information, health and any special needs they may have.  During the 5 days of the fundraiser 167 crates with animals were sold. 

“This was a very successful and exciting fundraiser!  The students at Dooley really love their foster pets” said Student Council President Ryan Kissman.

Rick Perry, the Assistant Principal of John Dooley, along with the Student Council members, presented Harold Vosko, President of Heaven Can Wait, with a check for $500.00.  John Dooley Elementary School has formed a partnership with Heaven Can Wait.  Many of the students have been taught the humane education curriculum Angels for Animals, provided by Heaven Can Wait, and now serve as ambassadors in helping to cure the pet overpopulation crisis. 

If you are interested in providing a school in your community with this opportunity, please contact Kim Yates at angels@hcws.org

All of the HCWS programs and services are funded through kind donations.  To learn how you can help: Click Here.


3 Responses

  1. This is very good and I like it. I am happy to know the children have a LOVE for pets, and raised all that money. There are so many pets being abused and just thrown out in the street to fetch for themselves this education is GREAT..

  2. Wonderful Program….Way to go John Dooley Elementary and Heaven Can Wait. I, for one, would love to purchase one of these foster pets and bet a lot of other people would do the same. Has HCWS thought of doing this on a large scale?

  3. Awesome program for the kids! Great tool to educate children. If a parent doesn’t treat animals humanely a child will learn that this same type of behavior is OK. I too would like to purchase one of these foster pets.

    Has HCWS considered reaching out to senior assisted living facilities with this program? My father lives at the Atria Sutton on E. Flamingo and many of the residents have pets. The facility has a huge arts & crafts room too.

    Great job to the wonderful children at John Dooley Elementary School who were involved in this program!!!!!

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