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The Story of Peanut

Peanut (left) and Bentley are quite a pair.

 Written by volunteer Sarah Bontrager

Peanut, the lively little Chihuahua who joined Linda Woodford’s family just about two years ago has a fitting name. He has, however, also earned a couple nicknames. Because of his bald head and chest hair tufts, the younger Woodfords think he looks like a bald eagle, and his lip-curling smile reminds Linda of Elvis Presley.

In any case, the seven-pound cutie has brought joy to the Woodford house from the day he was adopted from Heaven Can Wait.  Peanut has always been very well behaved and is considered the “angel” of the family, compared to his mischievous older Yorkie brother Bentley. Peanut is content to gnaw on his hedgehog toy, instead of participating in Bentley’s antics.  But despite his size, Peanut shows his brother who’s boss and insists on bringing the ball back to Linda, even if Bentley was the one to fetch it!

“He is just a really cute, teeny boy,” Linda describes, adding that he is very affectionate and loves to be cuddled. At night, he wraps himself in his blanket and tucks himself into his bed. Once, he even managed to dig his way through the lining of his brother Bentley’s pillow bed; getting stuck in his makeshift, Peanut-sized sleeping bag.

Whether he’s giving high-fives for Pupperoni treats, enjoying ice cream (his favorite) with the family, or keeping Bentley in line, Peanut is the model dog, and the Woodford’s could not be happier.

While Peanut never growls or barks at people, he does almost wake the neighbors with his adorable high-pitched squeal of joy when he goes on morning walks. That kind of unbridled expression of happiness is what life is all about, and for that, we at Heaven Can Wait applaud Peanut and his family!


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And if you’re not ready to take home a pet, you can help the cats and dogs in our care by checking out our Wish List.


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