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Senior Citizens Need A Home Too!

Molly is a 10-year-old cat who found her "forever" home.

This story was shared with Heaven Can Wait by the special couple who adopted Molly, one of the senior cats waiting for a new home at our adoption center.

We adopted Molly last spring and she has been the perfect addition to our family!   As a childless couple who just lost our beloved 14-year-old cat, we were both still heartbroken six months after her passing.  I couldn’t even look at another cat without bursting into tears.  But there we were in PetSmart and this loving little ball of fur came pouncing up to me, got up on her back paws and gave me a kiss right on the nose. I knew we had to take her home.

Molly is a 10-year-old kitty and was having trouble getting adopted after being abandoned by her previous family.  I guess you could say we were all lucky to find each other.

Molly has really helped us both overcome our sadness over the loss of our former best friend and it’s like she knew exactly what we needed in our home!  Molly is always in our lap and loves to give kitty kisses.  She especially loves the fluffy down comforter on our bed.  She also will talk back to us and we frequently have family “conversations” about all sorts of things.

We are so thankful that we were able to find Molly and add more unconditional love into our lives. She is truly a sweet kitty and we love her so much!

Thanks for all that you do,
Louisa and Matt

The downturn in the Las Vegas economy has left many older cats like Molly without a family.  These felines make wonderful pets because they are used to living in a home environment.  But many times they are overlooked because of their age.  You can meet the other senior citizens in our care by visiting the HCWS adoption center inside PetSmart off I-215 and S. Rainbow in the Arroyo Crossing Center.  Please give an older cat a home, you will be loved forever!  For more information: www.hcws.org


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