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Lose One, Choose One

Moe was nearly euthanized because of a deformity until HCWS came to his rescue.

Written by volunteer Diane Rogers

Diane Malone’s family has an age-old tradition: when one dog passes away, the remaining dog gets to choose a new four-legged family member.  And that’s how Moe, a Chow Aussie mix was selected.  Toni, the current family retriever decided to adopt the friendly 40-pounder with a deformed foot.

“Moe’s toes were fused together,” Diane explained. “But, that goofball of a dog compensates as if the deformity wasn’t even there.”  The two-year-old “kid at heart” loves squeaky toys, digging, and hiding Toni’s bones.  He’s a genuine tease.

Because of Moe’s imperfection, he would have been euthanized if it hadn’t been for a big rescue Heaven Can Wait did in Kingman, Arizona a few months back.  Seven animals were saved that day. 

Moe has come a long way since first arriving in the Malone home.  But, thanks to a lot of human patience and the companionship of Toni, he’s developing into a real sweetheart.  He fits right in at the kids’ soccer games, walks well on a coupled leash with Toni, and obediently stays within the house even when the door’s open.  Diane knows Toni made the right choice.

“I don’t know who the lucky ones are,” Diane laughed.  “Moe or us.  We’re all blessed.”

Moe trying to get Toni's attention.


Heaven Can Wait has lots of wonderful cats and dogs waiting for a family to take them home.  You can meet them each weekend (dogs on Saturday only) at the PetSmart off I-215 and S. Rainbow in the Arroyo Crossing Center.  Or take a peek online by Clicking Here.


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