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Days E. Coyote


Written by volunteer Blaze Gusic

When Judy lost her dog, she knew she needed to find another one.  She met a shy and scared little girl named Daisy and knew that this was a dog that needed her love and attention.  Judy also knew that she needed Daisy.  Together, they would help each other to heal.

Daisy was raised in a garage with her brother, originally named Bear, but renamed Mr. Fox by his adopted daddies (Full disclosure, this author is one proud daddy to Mr. Fox!) After we got Mr. Fox, we took him back to meet his biological sister with the thought of possibly reuniting them in our home.  They sniffed each other briefly and then walked away.  They had been through so much together, but perhaps it was such a traumatic experience that they never really bonded.  We left Daisy behind and were delighted to find out the next week that she had been adopted.

But Daisy wasn’t the right name for this special little girl.  With her yellow fur, big pointy ears and skittish disposition, she seemed more like a coyote than a dog.  When Judy brought her home, she searched for the perfect name and discovered the Native American Sioux word, Macawi, which means female coyote.  Her new name was set.

At first, Macawi was hesitant in her new home.  She hid behind the trees in the yard and was very submissive.  Judy attached Macawi’s leash to her own belt and led the dog around the house.  Now they are inseparable and Macawi is always by Judy’s side.

Macawi was not originally a fan of the car.  She would pant and drool and even get sick.  With patience and perseverance, Judy discovered that the dog did well in a crate.  At first she was curious, but she got comfortable and curled up and slept through a two day journey to Idaho!

Together, they walk in the park and attend weekly doggie classes where Macawi is the star pupil.  She is very smart and has already mastered several commands.  While she still doesn’t quite know how to play with dog toys, she is learning.

Judy says that she met a dog who was “craving kindness.”  She found a dog that is able to give just as much kindness and love as she receives.  Macawi not only means “Female Coyote,” but it has an alternate meaning: “Generous.”  Either way, it sounds like a perfect fit.

If you want to bring a great dog like Macawi into your home, stop by the HCWS Adoption Center each Saturday inside PetSmart off I-215 and S. Rainbow in the Arroyo Crossing Center.  Or to see all of the cats and dogs waiting for new families Click – Heaven Can Wait Adoptions


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