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When Planets Align

Moon chose the family he wanted to call his own.

Written by HCWS Volunteer Lucy Joyce

Ten years ago, Mike and Lauri Rohde saw two sad kittens huddled together at the HCWS PetSmart Adoption Center.  A teeny grey and white tabby cuddled close to the larger black and white kitten.  To the Rohdes the kittens were meowing “take me home, please.”  Lauri and Mike could not resist when the kitties came to the edge of the cage to greet them.  The kitties had found their new home by releasing each other to get to know their new guardians. 

You may think that huddled kittens would run and be scared of a new home, but true to their pleas, the kitties knew where to call home, and settled in their Henderson home right away.  The kitties chattered to each other as if to say “we’re okay now.”  Since the kitties were the center of the Rohde’s universe they were named Sun and Moon. 

Moon became a little too comfortable; the black and white kitty enjoyed sleeping on Mike’s head.  One day Moon did not want to leave the comfort of the bed and pooped on Mike.  The good news is, Moon never got too comfortable ever again, and Mike even laughs about Moon’s love of companionship.

Make a HCWS cat the center of your universe.

Heaven Can Wait Animal Society has lots of unique cats like Moon that are waiting to find their human.  You can meet them Thursday – Sunday at PetSmart off I-215 and South Rainbow in the Arroyo Crossing Center or online at: www.hcws.org   Please open your heart to a cat that has been abandoned.


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