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HCWS Youth Group Experience Feral Cat Clinic

HCWS Youth Group help out at feral cat clinic.

Members of the Heaven Can Wait Youth Group got a better understanding about the pet overpopulation problem in Las Vegas when they volunteered at a recent Feral Cat Clinic.   Clinics are held once a month to stop feral cats from breeding at uncontrollable rates and to curb their suffering.  Feral cats are the wild offspring of  house cats that have been abandoned or lost.  They live in colonies throughout the Vegas valley and are exposed to disease, predators and hunger.

Written by HCWS Youth Group member Rachel Park

Volunteers at the HCWS feral cat clinic got to experience the spay and neuter of around 200 cats on April 17. As soon as the cats dozed off from anesthesia, volunteers quickly and skillfully shaved their stomach fur and placed the unconscious cats on clean boards for surgery. When each cat had been spayed or neutered and were given appropriate shots, volunteers from the HCWS Youth Group checked to see that the cats were breathing.

After cleaning their ears and brushing their fur, we gently took the cats and kittens to their respective cages, so that they would be returned to the right trapper.

There was one cat whose story was particularly heartbreaking. Coming from a property of 50 other cats this innocent kitty faced near death at the hands of children with the acknowledgement of his owner. It was reported that the children attempted to strangle the cat, drowning and hanging others as well. He now bears the deep abusive mark of a painful struggle, but the scar was treated at the clinic. Hopefully, he will become better soon!

Click here to find out more information about the HCWS Youth Group.


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