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Sage – Wise, One Who Teaches Others, An Old Soul

Sage and Dad

Written by HCWS volunteer reporter Charlene Proto


How can a tiny 12 pound Rat terrier bring wisdom, joy and happiness to two adult lives?  Ask Rich Tollefson who adopted this delightful bundle of love just two months ago and has already felt her unique presence make a difference in his life. 

A lifelong self-proclaimed “dog-lover”, Rich lost his Miniature pincher on Christmas day last year and immediately felt the loss of that wonderful gift a dog brings to the home and the heart.  A friend recommended he check out the PetSmart adoption center maintained by HCWS.  The coordinator there listened to Rich’s story and immediately picked Sage as the perfect pet for him.

And that was the beginning a beautiful relationship!  How did she know that when Rich was 15 he had a favorite terrier named Samson that looked much like Sage.  When his Mom and sister saw the new family member they were amazed at the similarity. 

Of course at first Sage was timid and a quite unsure of this major change in her life.  She was not a rescue from a shelter, but a much loved pet of 5 years whose owner was diagnosed with a serious illness that prevented him from caring for her.  Rich himself is living with a most serious disease and completely understood the loss this man felt.  He developed and delivered a series of photos for the previous owner so he could be comfortable that Sage was being well loved and cared for.

Rich enjoys creating a perfect environment for his little “Queen” as his Mom calls her.  She had a stack of fluffy pillows in an upstairs window where she loves watching kids in the park across the street and snoozing in the sunlight.  She of course sleeps with him and whenever she uses the doggie door during the night Rich listens for her re-entry or immediately checks on her whereabouts. 

Rich is retired and is training Sage to be his helper with his home improvement projects.  When she helps “Papa” by keeping him company she gets a nice treat for her efforts.  Rich especially enjoys that Sage is a “cuddler”.

Rich commented that Sage was so unlucky to have had two owners who were seriously ill.  Sage would definitely be of a different opinion – being unbelievably lucky to have two wonderful owners who love her unconditionally.  HCWS has many more “Sages” just waiting to bring the wisdom, joy and love to some needy human’s life.  Always consider adoption first!

Heaven Can Wait Animal Society has lots of great, loving dogs like Sage that are waiting for new families to call their own.  Let our Dog Coordinators help pick the perfect pup for your home.  Adoptions are held each Saturday inside PetSmart off I-215 and South Rainbow in the Arroyo Crossing Center.   You can also see our dogs at: www.hcws.org.


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  1. How wonderful that the two came together…and how fortunate both are

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