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Written by volunteer – Blaze Gusic

Mike and Marcy have been life long dog lovers.  Their house was home to two Labs named Misty and Mala and a German shepherd named Junior.   Junior, who had been with Marcy since he was a puppy, sadly passed away last April. After the loss, Marcy knew she would find another German shepherd.

The couple was introduced to Heaven Can Wait and in no time at all, met a rambunctious Shepherd named Houdini.  He was brought to HCWS after being found in the desert. 

When she saw him, Marcy says, her heart was pounding.  They took him for a walk outside the HCWS Adoption Center at PetSmart (or more precisely, he took them for a walk) and they knew they had found a loving dog.  They took him home and he soon became Major Houdini and is now known simply as Major, a name suggested by Marcy’s mother who passed away before she had the chance to meet him.

Mike and Marcy are not new to adoption.  Mala is a five-year-old who was rescued from a foreclosed upon property about a year and a half ago.  She is playful and a bit protective.  Misty is 15-years-old and while she is no longer able to run and climb stairs, she has big bright eyes and still has lots of love to give.  Major, just a year and half old, is full of puppy spirit and tries to play with Misty, bringing a new vitality to the home.

At over eighty pounds, he thinks that he weighs only five pounds and will greet his family with his abundant energy.  He has settled into his forever home and sleeps curled up under Marcy’s feet or sprawled across the people bed that he graciously shares with them!  He likes to run in the backyard and create figure eights when he is not digging in the garden.  He is learning to fetch and shake and he is already accustomed to hikes in the mountains five days a week.

While he may bark a bit much at times, it is hard to be mad at him.  He is so full of love and life and is happy to be in his new forever home.


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  1. A wonderful story and such a handsome dog 🙂

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