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Bless the Beasts and the Children

Zeus and his new big buddy Luka.

 Written by volunteer Diane Rogers

When Zeus, a lovable Chihuahua who admittedly isn’t the brightest dog on the block, lost his big 146 pound buddy, he was devastated. His overgrown pal had been adopted eight years before from the SPCA and contracted a particularly aggressive form of cancer. He had to be put down, and Zeus was inconsolable.

Zeus’s owner, Brye Hart, realized quickly that there’s nothing sadder than a depressed Chihuahua and went looking for another huge dog.

“Zeus and I went to Petsmart one Saturday and he immediately ran to a cage that held this big, goofy mutt,” she recalled. “The yellow lab mix named Sonic returned the favor and went up to Zeus with wild excitement.  Sonic – we’ve since renamed him Luka – actually picked us.”

Brye is a sixth grade teacher and soon learned to appreciate how good Luka was with children. Even the 3-year-old neighbor girl is unafraid as Luka gently tip-toes around her.  Brye takes Luka camping (“He does great even without a leash!”) and to various activities with her students.  The kids love him.

But Luka’s noblest deed by far may be in his future; Brye is hearing impaired and will be training Luka to be her service dog.

“The Chihuahua never really caught on,” Brye chuckled.  “But Luka!  Already he lets me know when there’s a siren approaching when we’re in the car.  He’s great.”

Brye, Zeus and Luka have been a family for almost two months now, and it looks like it’s going to be, as Humphrey Bogart would say,” the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”


One Response

  1. Great story. I’m so happy for all involved.

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