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Bosco – The Shining Star of Our Clinic

Written by volunteer Katharine Sommerfield

 This is Bosco’s story: the beloved mascot and “star” of the Heaven Can Wait clinic. Bosco is a Siamese Manx cat, recognizable by his distinctive coloring and tailless body. He also boasts a cute, saggy belly. You will most likely meet him as you enter the Spay and Neuter clinic to address the human staff in the reception area.

 Bosco’s beginning was a desperate one. He and his two sisters were found in a mud hole in a trailer park when they were just three-weeks-old and were placed in foster care.

 Bosco is now five-years-old, his sisters have been adopted, but Bosco has been returned twice from adoptive homes because of “bathroom issues”. Actually poor Bosco has a minor medical condition that causes him to need a little more cleaning than other cats.  

 He may have the better arrangement, however, as his role at the clinic is a special and important one. He is the official clinic greeter, a television star, and a valuable part of HCWS training classes, demonstrating how feral cats are trapped. He likes to patrol the clinic, often going where he shouldn’t: admittedly a bit of a mischief-maker, but always with the best intentions. He does occasionally take a break, grabbing a quick nap on the printer, or on a window ledge, in a desk cabinet, or, yes, often in the washing machine.

 Clinic Director, Judy Erickson, Bosco’s official mom, and other staff monitor Bosco’s health and cleanliness. Gina Brown is instrumental in keeping him bathed and shaved. Bosco also recently had a dental exam during which five unhealthy teeth were extracted.

 Bosco is especially proud of the Bosco Fund, a donation jar at the clinic: all funds collected go to helping out the dogs and cats whose owners cannot afford to have them spayed and neutered. Look for it, and Bosco, when you stop by.

 **The information presented here was with the assistance of Judy Erickson.


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