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Oreo Cookie

Oreo needed a special family that could handle her occasional seizures.

Written by HCWS Volunteer – Carol Lisowski

Susan and Kevin Smith lost their 17 year-old lab around Christmas time.  Kevin thought their Yorkie, Major Little, would be so lost without his companion, so he started looking for another dog to bring home to his family.  He found Oreo at the Heaven Can Wait Dog Adoption Center and fell in love with her.  Susan and their children felt the same way when they met her.

 Oreo immediately fit right in with Major and her new family.  She acquired a middle name as well–Cookie.  What she loves to do the most is snuggle.  She doesn’t particularly like being by herself and wants to be held.  The Smith’s don’t know a lot about her previous owners, except that they were told they didn’t have time for her. 

In the past Oreo has experienced a couple of seizures, but the veterinarian thinks she is doing relatively well and doesn’t want to put her on medication at this point.

Oreo loves playing with Major, especially trying to take the squeak toys away from him before he can chew them apart, pull out all the stuffing, and hide the squeaker under someone’s bed.  She loves to go for walks and plays well with all the other dogs at the dog park.  Because Oreo is a girl, she gets to dress up in sweaters or her coat and thoroughly enjoys being a fashionista.

 The family enjoys coming home to find Oreo waiting for them at the door.  She really makes them laugh because she’s such a funny girl.  She frequently “yawns” which looks like she is talking to them, telling them about her day or what she wants to do tomorrow.  Another successful happy ending.

 If you want to create another happy ending for a dog or cat yearning to bring joy to your family, visit the Heaven Can Wait Website to find available adoptions.


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