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It’s Great When Someone Takes A Chance On You

Jesse and little Chance make a good team.

Written by Volunteer Lucy Joyce

I’m Chance, I was at Henderson Animal Shelter on death row.  I wondered why I had one more day to live, when I knew I was truly innocent?  My eyes were sad and teary, I knew I was a good dog.

The kind folks at Heaven Can Wait Animal Society knew I needed help, they took me in to their ‘Pups on Parole’ program. I was free from death row thanks to HCWS – this time things were different. All the guards at the prison loved my friendly nature and the inmate handler was patient with me.

It took seven months of training to direct my energy and high spirits into the dog I am today. I am an Australian Shepherd mix, we like to herd and we like to run. My handler understood that I needed time to learn, and taught me so well, that I learned commands, like “sit” and “stay.” I showed everyone how smart I really am. I was so busy going through my training program that I even learned how to ‘play dead’. I still had so much life in me, I knew Heaven Can Wait would find a good home for me.

Chance channeled his high energy into learning a variety of tricks.

Now here’s the part, I like the best – Jesse Nelson saw me at the HCWS Adoption Center at PetSmart.  Jesse could see the same spirit in me that my saviors from Heaven Can Wait had seen. Jesse’s girlfriend’s dog had recently died, she didn’t know how she would deal with another dog. That’s where I, Chance, really could help. Jesse and I make a good team, we continued our ‘Pups on Parole’ training.  I can stand on my back legs and high five Jesse. With my lovable personality and cute tricks, I managed to win Jesse’s girlfriend’s heart with my friendly spirit.

Isn’t it great when someone takes a chance on you? 

Chance found a family that challenged his intelligence.

CLICK HERE to meet other One-of-a-Kind pets ready for adoption at Heaven Can Wait Animal Society.


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