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A Reunion for CJ

Heaven Can Wait recently hit a milestone when the  first dog adopted by our organization had a reunion with the volunteers who rescued her – ten years ago.

Longtime volunteers Holly and Mike remember the day they found the young German shepherd running loose through their neighborhood.  The  18- month old dog was so friendly she jumped right into their truck when they called to her. 

When they posted flyers around the neighborhood the dog’s owners came forward.  They were an older couple who explained to Holly the German shepherd had too much energy for people their age and had become too much work.  They decided to let the dog decide if she wanted them as owners, so they opened the gate to see if she would stay or run free. 

It wasn’t much of a surprise to Holly that the scents outside the dog’s backyard were irresistible and she ran off to explore the neighborhood.  The owners told Holly they did not want the dog back.

In another part of town, John and Sue were just starting to think about adopting another dog.  Their beloved German shepherd, Kahula had died of cancer six months earlier. 

When they heard about a young German shepherd that needed a home, they cautiously set up an appointment.   

But when Mike and Holly brought the dog to their home, John and Sue knew she wasn’t going anywhere.  They decided to name the German sheperd CJ in honor of her new Dad’s favorite plane, a Citation Jet.

CJ has had an extraordinary life during the past ten years.  Mike and Holly got to hear all about it at the ten year celebration while the CJ chomped down on treats brought by her rescuers.

Everyday CJ accompanies her family to work where she is the official office greeter.  She’s become so popular that people drop by just to see her and bring her treats. 

CJ is also a well-seasoned traveler who knows when the suitcases come out, she’ll be going away too.  She even has her own seat on her family’s plane.

And until recently when her age slowed her down a bit, CJ joined Sue and John for hikes through the Rockies and even helped her Mom train for marathons. 

The past ten years have been pretty sweet for this wonderful dog – as they should be.


Heaven Can Wait has many cats and dogs that are ready to find a wonderful new home.  Click Here to see them.  Then in ten years we can write about your reunion.


One Response

  1. We know CJ well. She is probably one of the most content GSD’s we know. She greets us and follows us around when we come by. If we bring a stuffed animal for her, she will play with us with it before she will go off to play on her own.
    CJ’s Family treat her well, kind if like a Princess.
    This is one fine Lady.

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