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The Dog Who Wagged Too Hard

Written by volunteer Diane Rogers

Mary Santoro’s couch only has room for two: Mary and her 80 pound black Lab.

“I sit on one side, he sits on the other.  He puts his head on my lap and we enjoy each other’s company.” That’s how Mary describes it.

But it wasn’t always so.  Up until last September, Mary’s best friend was another lab, Bella, a dog her oldest son found for her.  When Bella died at the ripe old age of 14, Mary was crushed.  And her two sons and daughter knew exactly what to do.

“My youngest son said he was looking for a dog for a friend.  He lied.  He was looking for a dog for ME.  I just didn’t know it.”

Through Heaven Can Wait, he found another Black Lab named Chaz.  Chaz was a gentle giant with “Happy tail syndrome”… he wagged his tail so much that he kept injuring it.  The problem got so bad that poor Chaz’s tail had to be amputated.  

“Now,” Mary chuckles “he wags this stub like crazy.  He’s still just as happy as he ever was!”  

As the first of the year rolled around, Mary’s family told her everyone was going to a “meet and greet” session at a nearby park.  Mary now realized she’d been conned into getting a new dog.

“It was love at first sight,” Mary recalls.  “I got this 5 ½ year old happy dog and renamed him Bear, although at the time I thought he was more like a moose.”

The first thing Bear did upon arrival at Mary’s house was go over to the family cat and rescued Chihuahua to say hello.  They all immediately became fast friends.

“That’s the way Bear is,” according to Mary. “He loves everybody.  I don’t know why I waited so long to get him.  He’s great!”

Heaven Can Wait Animal Society has lots of happy, healthy dogs and cats waiting for their “forever” home and a human to love them.  Adoptions are held every weekend inside PetSmart at 7055 Arroyo Crossing (I-215 and Rainbow)  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PETS AND READ THEIR STORIES.


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