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Senator Reid Answers Letter from Students


The kids in Kim Yates fifth grade class at John Dooley Elementary School got a huge surprise when their letters about animal abuse and puppy mills to Senator Harry Reid were answered by the legislator.

The letters were part of the curriculum taught in the HCWS sponsored Angels for Animals humane education program.  In the first part of the program the kids learn about the proper care a puppy or kitten needs so they can grow into healthy and happy family pets.

Next the kids learn the sad facts about animals that are not treated well and are abused or neglected.  And finally the fifth graders are taught about the problem of pet overpopulation and how too many cats and dogs are euthanized.

The group from Ms. Yates class wrote letters to Senator Reid asking for his help.  Here is an excerpt from one of the letters:

“I am going to talk to you about changing the laws.  I think that there should be stricter laws for people abusing pets and running puppy mills.  I think that if you are abusing your pet or involved in a puppy mill, you should understand that animals are innocent and they don’t deserve that kind of treatment any more than a human does.”

Senator Reid graciously answered the class:

Angels for Animals is a free downloable program.  Click Here to learn more.  


One Response

  1. Mr Reid is has been great! I am happy to hear he took the time to answer the letter(s) from the students. He has also donated to HCWS some valuable things for our Holiday luncheon and I believe that he will continue to support our efforts and it is so neat the kids concerns have been heard by him! Way to go class! Keep up the good work~ those animals need you.

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