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Two Adoptions Equal One Happy Family

Maddie (left) and Choppy enjoying the cool lawn.

Nicole Halverson is a faithful reader of the happy ending adoption stories on the Heaven Can Wait blog.  She recently shared with us her own happy ending story about two orphaned dogs she adopted.

Four years ago Nicole visited the HCWS adoption center and added a dog named Maddie to her family.  Nicole said, “Maddie is a black and tan coonhound, mixed with a mystery breed.”

Nicole vividly remembers the day she adopted Maddie because one of our long-time volunteer Dog Coordinators cried when she took the dog home.  Maddie had been part of a litter of neglected puppies and the volunteer had helped rescue and name her. 

Nicole said, “We both cried the day I adopted her.”

One year later Maddie and Nicole found Choppy at the Lied Animal Shelter and they became a family of three. 

Nicole said, “These dogs have been the highlight of my life for the past few years.  We are a happy little family and I couldn’t be more grateful for them, they’re such a blessing.”

“Maddie is an independent little soul; she’s smart and stubborn at the same time.  She’s only affectionate on her own terms, but when we go to the park people always ask if she’s a puppy because she’s so playful.”

“Choppy is the annoying little brother that Maddie never knew she wanted.  He’s always trying to get her to play tug-of-war and loves to steal the covers from her (and me) in bed.  My little snuggler.”

“The three of us enjoy hiking, going to the dog park, baking gluten free dog treats and going to the dog beach in San Diego.” 

“Thank you to everyone involved in HCWS!”

If you have a happy ending story to share, please send it to: blog@hcws.org .  (Pictures are helpful too.)

And if you would like to create your own happy ending Click Here to see all of the loving cats and dogs available at HCWS for adoption. 


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