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Karma’s Legacy

In an earlier story we told you about Karma, the shy Shepherd-mix who left this Earth in the arms of her owners one week before Thanksgiving – after a battle with cancer.  Her life had a powerful impact on everyone who knew her at Heaven Can Wait.

She was a sensitive dog who was adopted and returned twice, but finally found the home where she was meant to be when she met Jay and Blaze.  During the next two years they helped Karma gain her confidence and blossom into a wonderful family dog.

But that is not the end of the story!  Karma’s legacy continues with two new orphaned dogs.

Jay said, “There was such emptiness in the house after we lost Karma. We knew we wanted a dog that would bring that sense of spirit and life back into the house, but would not replace her.”

Earlier this year the HCWS Dog Coordinator contacted Jay and Blaze to see if they would foster an 18 month-old puppy called Mr. Fox. The little dog had never lived in a home before. The Coordinator felt the experience of a foster home would help him adjust.  Mr. Fox had lived his whole life in the garage of a backyard breeder.  And the one time when he was invited inside his owner’s house, another dog attacked and injured him.

Then Dottie came into the picture.  She is a sweet and calm 6 year-old pup who had been abandoned.    She joined Jay and Blaze as a foster dog too.  Her quiet nature had just the right effect on energetic Mr. Fox.  Her presence also helped the puppy understand how to live indoors in a human world.

Finally the day came when both Dottie and Mr. Fox were expected back at Heaven Can Wait so they could find permanent families that would adopt them.  

“This past Saturday, we knew there was no way we could bring them back to HCWS and we adopted Dottie and Mr. Fox,” said Jay. 

“Our new dogs and Karma are all so different – which is a good thing.  They all have a special place in our homes and our hearts.”

Dottie and Mr. Fox


2 Responses

  1. I have a feeling that Karma is looking down from her place in heaven and is so happy that her human parents have found these deserving little souls.

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