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Three Dog Night – The Tale of Sable’s Adoption

By Charlene Proto – HCWS Volunteer

HCWS’ Dog Coordinator thought long & hard about approaching Michael Longi to adopt an 8 year-old black Lab named Sable.  Being a real estate broker Michael understood the tragic nature of the Las Vegas residential housing market which has left so many pets homeless.  Sable would be his third Lab and his second adoptee!  He agreed and the rest is a sweet story. 

Michael’s house was already home to Midnight, a ten year-old black Lab, and Laurel, a good sized (150 lb.) five year-old yellow Lab he rescued in 2008.  Now he would be bringing Sable home to join the family. 

Sable was not used to homes or anything indoors.  She had been left to fend for herself in her previous owner’s back yard all her life.  However, Sable quickly got the idea of indoor living when HCWS’ Dog Coordinator dropped her off at Michael’s home.  While the coordinator said her good-byes, Sable ran directly into Michael’s front door!  Her decision was made quickly! 

Sleeping arrangements were another issue since Sable had always slept outside.  Michael’s other two girls always slept in his bedroom.  At first Sable was sleeping in the living room, unsure about this new situation.  However, after a few nights she made her way to the bedroom with the others and now happily enjoys comfortable nights sleeping with her new family.  Michael reports Sable is a well-adjusted, lovable addition to his family, and often when he lies on the couch she will come and gently place her paws on his chest as if to say “Thank you”!

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