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Good Karma

When Jay and Blaze adopted a shy Shepherd-mix named Karma they knew life was never going to be the same again, but they never expected the enormous impact this special pup would have on them for nearly the next two years. 

Karma came to Heaven Can Wait on March 3, 2006 as an unwanted 8 week-old puppy.  From the beginning, our Dog Coordinator recalled that she was a very sensitive girl who loved with her whole soul.

She was adopted, but quickly returned because of her sensitive nature.  Then another human came into her life and Karma was adopted for a second time.  She bonded deeply with this person, but was returned to HCWS because work required her owner to travel and be away much of the time.

Once again Karma was back at Heaven Can Wait, but the transition was very hard for her.  The Dog Coordinator said Karma “grieved for her human to return.”

Then in February 2009 Jay and Blaze walked into Karma’s life.  Jay said it was Karma’s face that made him realize she was going to be his dog.

Things were a little rough at first.  Karma spent the first few days hiding under Jay’s stairwell, but soon she realized that these guys were going to be with her “forever.”

Soon Jay, Blaze and Karma settled into the routine of everyday life.  The trio even travelled together because Karma loved car rides and the opportunity to sleep in a “people’s bed.”  The men thought they had picked the best dog in the world.

Then one evening in late 2010 Karma got sick.  Cancer was waging a war in her body.  The men took her for chemotherapy treatments and when that didn’t work they travelled to California to try radiation therapy.  Blaze would stay with her during the week and Jay would visit both of them on the weekend.

But Karma responded poorly to all of the treatments and ultimately they were told to take her home for a final goodbye.

Jay said they made homemade treats for Karma and homemade meatballs – something she couldn’t have during her therapy because the radiation gave her digestive problems.

Finally one week before Thanksgiving Karma’s pain got worse and when she refused to eat, they knew it was time to let her go.  On her final day Jay and Blaze helped Karma do her favorite things.  She went for a short walk, ate a little peanut butter and shared a Tasty Cake dessert with her two best buddies.

The saddest part of being a pet owner is knowing that you will outlive your four-legged pal, but both Jay and Blaze said they would never trade the experiences they shared with Karma over the past two years – both the happy and sad. 


Blaze, Karma and Jay



16 Responses

  1. No matter the length of time an animal spends with us, each minute is one of the greatest gifts we shall ever receive.

  2. what a beautiful dog and story..we love
    you and wish you peace in heaven, Rose
    and Critters

  3. What a touching story. Blessings to Blaze, Karma, and Jay.

  4. This story brought tears to my eyes but it was bittersweet. It is so wonderful that Karma found such a great family to spend the rest of her life with. I am sure she is pain free in heaven waiting to meet her owners when they come to heaven as they definitely have a place there. I have owned and currently own rescue dogs and think they are just the best souls on the world.

    • Vicky, seeing Karma again truly will be heaven. She is our little soulmate and we miss her so much each day. If you are rescuing dogs, you have a special place as well.

  5. To sweet Karma. Tastey Kakes are one of my favorites too Karma.
    RIP babydoll.

    • Lori, we always wanted her to try chocolate. In her final few hours, she did not really want peanut butter cups, but devoured Tasty Kakes.

  6. It warms my heart to know that there are wonderful people like Jay and Blaze out there!

  7. I heard a story once … where a little boy and his family had just said their final goodbye to their dog. The little boy said to his parents, “you know how people spend their lives, learning how to be kind, how to love one another, and be happy?” The parents replied “Yes” … the little boy continued, “well, with dogs, they are born already knowing how to do that, they don’t need any time to learn … so maybe that’s why they don’t stay as long” ….

    Sometimes kids make the most sense out of all of us.

    Thank you for sharing the story of Karma …

  8. Congratulations to Jay and Blaze for having the honor of being the loving humans to such a lovely dog. RIP Karma.

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