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BelleSera Gets A New Family

Heaven Can Wait Animal Society stays in touch with the people who adopt the cats and dogs we have rehabilitated to see if there are any problems with the pet transitioning from an orphaned animal into a family pet.  Many of our adopted families are kind enough to let us know how things are going.  Here is a letter from BelleSera’s new family.

Dear HCWS,

I just wanted to send an update on BelleSera.  She is doing wonderfully.  She is fitting in so well and is such a great addition to our family.  I can tell that whoever worked with her in the Pups on Parole program did a remarkable job getting her to where she is.  She has some anxiety about new things, but her big heart just won’t let a little fear stop her.  She is really an amazing animal, and we thank you for taking the time to help her.  

Belle was very quiet and would have been easy to overlook, but there was something about her that made me take a second look.  She was shy and seemed afraid of just about everything….except my girls. 

I have twin 3-year-olds and if you aren’t afraid of that, then that must mean something!

My girls’ names are Abigail and Emily and they love having Belle.  They like taking her for walks and ‘helping mommy’ take care of her.  Because Belle is still skittish about a lot of things, we work on being gentle and being quiet around her.

We have a cat and just last night I saw them (Belle) napping within a few inches of each other.  I think before long they will be good buds.  Our kitty brings out Belle’s puppy side, her tail goes crazy when she thinks the kitty wants to play…kitty doesn’t always agree.

Belle is definitely a piece that we were missing in our family!

Laura S.


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