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Gabby’s a Reformed Pup – Out On Parole Forever

Submitted by Jesse and Devyn, who adopted a Pups On Parole dog named Gabby

This is about our very special girl, Gabby.

I was a Corrections Officer out at the Jean Conservation Camp where I met Gabby, who was in Heaven Can Wait’s Pups on Parole program. Our first meeting was with her “punking” me, which is what we called it. She would jump and lunge at you to make you afraid of her so you wouldn’t hurt her. Trust me when I say she was very scary when she did this and your natural reaction was to jump back. That was her protection because she was abused by a man. I just looked at her and said, “Oh, I don’t think so,” and walked right into the bay where she was. Gabby just looked at me and wasn’t sure what to think. 

Each time I went into the unit I would make sure she got to know me. From then on it seemed like she was waiting for me to come to the unit with a treat, some petting and hugs, which I did for all the dogs on my unit tours.

Gabby had gone through six homes before finally coming with us for good.  She has issues (we all do – and our parents and partners still keep us), but she also has so much love and dedication to give, if you give it to her. Little did I know last year when I first met her that she would become our dog.

Gabby, the back-seat driver

She is always on guard protecting the home and us. Sometimes a little too “on guard” (LOL). Her personality is so sweet and she lives for truck rides, frosty paws, her balls, hikes in the snow, walks or even just being a couch hog. She has tamed down a tad on her issues with men, as long as they are sitting (which for her is a great accomplishment).

Finally enjoying the good life

Thank you, HCWS, for all you do for the animals who are just dumped off so easily. Everyone deserves a second chance. 



One Response

  1. Thank you for not giving up on this spirited and good dog.

    Your kindness will be rewarded by the animals and your fellow humanitarians.

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