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Bebe’s Amazing Journey

Bebe was a featured guest at the HCWS annual Holiday Luncheon.  Her amazing story brought tears to the eyes of everyone in attendance.

Bebe and Joey are two dogs that were rescued by HCWS and became best buddies while they were enrolled in the Pups on Parole prison program.  Luckily a woman fell in love with both dogs and adopted them together. 

The dogs continued to be very close and Bebe, a yellow lab, decided it was her job to look out for Joey. 

Then one day their owner moved the whole family to Salem, Oregon.  Bebe and Joey had to adapt to new surroundings once again, but they were fine as long as they were together.  Life was good, until the woman suddenly passed away.

Sadly the dogs were left in the custody of the woman’s boyfriend who didn’t want anything to do with them.  He contacted HCWS to say that if we didn’t come get the dogs – he was going to shoot them. 

Before the dogs could be rescued, the man took Bebe and Joey out to the woods where he beat them, shot them and left them for dead.

Fortunately someone found the dogs lying in the woods and took them to a veterinarian.   Joey recovered first, but it took 6 months for Bebe to get well.  She still has shrapnel in her legs and paws.

Finally both dogs were healthy enough to be transported back to HCWS.  Soon after, Joey found a new family to adopt him. 

But things didn’t go so easily for Bebe.  She was now an 8 year-old dog with severe arthritis.  People kept walking past her pen at dog adoptions saying that she was just too old to adopt.

Rhonda, a longtime HCWS supporter and volunteer heard those words over and over as people stopped by Bebe’s pen.  She knew she had to help.

She and her partner Toni adopted Bebe and added her to their household of three other dogs they already adopted from HCWS.

Rhonda and Toni said it took Bebe about a month to gain their trust.  She cried every time they tried to touch her, but luckily Bebe found a pal in the family’s oldest dog Lily.   The two were inseparable until Lily passed away earlier this year.  


Bebe and Lilly

Bebe has now been with Rhonda and Toni for two years and at 10 ½ years old is a complete member of the family.  Toni says, “She loves to go for walks and pal around with the family’s other dogs Shandy and Gordo.” 


Gordo and Bebe


Here are some other interesting facts Toni and Rhonda wanted readers to know:

“Bebe loves to lie on the patio pavers when it is 110 degrees and loves to lie in front of the fireplace when it is cold outside.  Due to the horrible tragedy she had to live through, she has a nervous stomach.  Rhonda and I have had to replace the carpet twice, so far.  She also stops when walking through doors, it is obvious she was hit or kicked and we have to walk through the door first even until this day.  She is very vocal if you do not walk her as soon as she wakes up so we have learned she has to go, even if she is limping.” 

“One last item, Bebe knows when the Dallas Cowboys are on TV.  She feels Toni’s tension if they are not playing well, so Toni has learned not to yell during the football games so as not to upset her.”

“We are so happy she is part of our family and proud we were asked to introduce her and tell her story.” 


Toni & Rhonda's "Heaven Can Wait Family"



3 Responses

  1. Please tell me the boyfriend was taken out in the woods and beaten, shot and left for dead. It’s just a small step until he does it to a human (if he hasn’t already). People like him don’t deserve to walk on the earth. Sorry to be so blunt, but I can’t help it.

  2. For a truly happy ending, please tell us that the sadist who mistreated the dogs was taken out to the nearest woods and shot. To want him to also be beaten would be to sink to his level. But people who mistreat animals are no asset to society.

  3. Thank you Toni and Ronda for adopting Bebe 🙂

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