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Abused Shepherd Puppy Finds Loving Home….With Cats

By Tony DePasquale, HCWS Volunteer

Amanda Wright had been looking for a playmate for her Terrier mix, Jax, for more than two months.  After searching on the Internet, she came across a beautiful white Shepherd mix named Cricket on the Heaven Can Wait website. 

“When I saw her, I just thought she looked so unique.  She was completely white and looked just like a German Shepherd.  I have always loved the look of white German Shepherds – she had big floppy ears and was just so adorable I fell in love right away,” said Wright, who currently resides with her roommate, Jax, and three cats.  Cricket has been a wonderful and welcome addition to the home.

This happy home is a far cry from where Cricket started her journey.  Cricket was rescued from the garage of an animal hoarder/ backyard breeder in the city of Pahrump by Heaven Can Wait more than a year ago.  Due to the fact that Cricket was a mixed breed, she was left mostly unattended in the garage by the hoarder without proper care or socialization.

Cricket and her littermates were enrolled in Heaven Can Wait’s Pups on Parole program so they could learn what it takes to live with a human family.  One by one, Cricket’s brothers and sisters were adopted; but not Cricket.

Due to her lack of socialization, Cricket had become very shy around people. “Cricket was terribly abused.  She is still skittish when we go on walks and did not have much interest in playing with Jax when I first brought her home.  But after about a week, she started playing with Jax and has become more comfortable around my roommate and other people,” said Wright. 

And regarding the three cats?  “Cricket basically ignores the cats,” Wright said, laughing.  “She doesn’t have much interest in them.”

Although it has been a long journey for Cricket, the gift of a loving family seems to have been well worth the wait.  Cricket is becoming more socialized and comfortable around people every day.  Amanda and Jax love having her as part of the family.  Now they’ll just have to work on those cats.

Amanda forwarded HCWS an update about Cricket.  Her words show how time in a loving home can forever change a dog with a challenging past. 

“The past few days when I come home from work I’ll call to Cricket and she comes all the way up to me, tail wagging, and licks my hand.  For her this is HUGE progress.  She also enjoys tearing the stuffing out of her toys.  Between her and Jax, some days it looks like I had a snow storm in my living room from all the toy stuffing.” 


One Response

  1. I am so proud of my daughter Amanda. Jax was a shelter dog as well. As far as I am concerned it is the only way to go. Our dog Duke, now 13, was a shelter dog, and has proven to be a loyal friend and member of the family. I live in Maine, but can’t wait to get back to Vegas to meet my new “grand dog”, Cricket.

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