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Spencer, the Little “Miracle Worker”

By Lisa Christman, Volunteer for HCWS

Spencer, a 2-year old Malti-Poo mix who is white with spots of brown, has changed the lives of his pet parents.  Martha and Bill adopted this little bundle of joy from HCWS and the miracles he has performed since becoming their new family member are immense.

Bill, who is now on full disability and suffers from diabetes, heart disease and depression, tells me that Spencer has helped his health in ways conventional medicine has been unable to.  He takes this little dog with him everywhere he goes, including some stores that allow pets to come inside.  He said that Spencer has turned his entire life around and that he cannot imagine his life now without him.  In fact, he said that Spencer used to sleep in Bill and Martha’s bed, but now he sleeps in his own bed because Bill thinks Spencer was feeling “too crowded.”  Bill said that Spencer is now the ruler of the household and whatever he wants – he gets!

In speaking with Bill’s mother, Helen, she forthrightly told me that Spencer is an absolute miracle because she has always been petrified of dogs. She told me a story about when she was pregnant and walking home from the theater one night, a dog was following her and she crossed the street to get away from him.  Lo and behold, the dog then also crossed the street and continued to follow her which increased her anxiety to the point when she reached her house, she fainted from fear!

Flash forward – Bill and Martha took Helen with them to pick Spencer up after his training at Pups on Parole was complete and she said that he had the most adorable face and she instantly fell in love with him on the spot.  She said that he knows she doesn’t like “doggie lick kisses” but Spencer will put his face to hers and just pretend he is kissing her.  He also has worked his magic in making Helen less afraid of other dogs.  Even though Helen does not live with Bill and Martha, she says she looks forward to every day just to see Spencer.  She said that she even feels bad when she doesn’t look her best when she sees him!!!!!

Well, Spencer was in for a real treat this Christmas.  Grandma Helen bought him a lamb’s wool and suede coat for Christmas!  It was under the Christmas tree for him….. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Bill, Martha, Helen and, of course, little Spencer!



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