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The Long Journey Home

By Carol Lisowski, HCWS Volunteer


It was a long journey from the side of a road in Texas to a happy forever home in Las Vegas.  The little black terrier was in a very sad condition when a HCWS supporter picked her up as she was driving back to Las Vegas.  She showed severe signs of neglect and possibly abuse.  The terrier had to be treated many times, but finally she became healthy enough for adoption.

Suzie (in front) and her new brother Charlie


This is where the Vanodores entered the picture.  Amanda had been looking for a terrier between one and two years old and under twenty pounds to add to their family.  She had picked out two dogs from the pictures on the Pups on Parole website and went to see them in person at the PetSmart adoptions.  The first dog seemed to bark a lot, but the little black terrier was just being patient as if waiting for the right family to come along and take her home.

Amanda had told her husband they were looking for a little sister for their six-year-old terrier mix, Charlie, who they had previously adopted from the animal shelter.  Charlie came along to give his approval.  Amanda walked both dogs together through the store and was happily surprised at how well they took to each other.  The Vanodores are from Texas and when they found out that is where this little dog came from, that sealed the deal.

Suzie, as she has been renamed, doesn’t seem to remember the neglect and abuse she endured in her young life.  She bonded quickly with her big brother and enjoys playing tug-of-war.

She isn’t adverse to taking more long journeys as both dogs got to accompany their family to Oklahoma over Thanksgiving to spend time with the grandparents.  She enjoyed cuddling up with her new grandfather. 

Sometimes our furry friends have to make long journeys to find their forever homes.  For Suzie, it was those people she met along that journey that helped her recover and prepared her to be a wonderful addition to her new family.


2 Responses

  1. I like this one, Carol! 🙂

  2. Suzie is my fur grandbaby! She is a darling little girl I’m so proud of my daughter and son-in-law for adopting both her and previously Charlie (who is also a sweetheart) both dogs have a wonderful home!

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