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Back-to-Back Fundraisers for Felines & Fidos

By Carol Lisowski, HCWS Volunteer 

Cypress, Cody & Charlie Meacham

November 13th was a beautiful day for fans of both food and drink to come out and support Heaven Can Wait Animal Society.  It started off with a popular wine tasting at Wine Styles  located near Flamingo and I-215.  Owners Christine and Ed Grechas (Ed is pictured below on left) made everyone feel welcome.  Two wine tables set up eight tastings and were staffed by industry experts who shared their knowledge of each wine.  Fun mini-cupcakes from a neighboring shop and crackers and cheese paired well with the wines.  Local merchants donated raffle prizes (like the great paw dog dish in the picture below) to spice up the day’s event.  

Christine and Ed are also the happy parents of Joey, a Lab-Chow-Newfoundland mix they adopted about a year and a half ago from Heaven Can Wait.  Christine was impressed with HCWS in that she wasn’t allowed to take Joey home until Ed came to meet him, and they were also encouraged to bring their other dogs to see how they would all get along.  I’m happy to report that it was a happy match all the way around.

Christine and Ed are very involved in participating in charity events through their wine business and have done numerous tastings for breast cancer events, Safe Nest and many others.

The event was publicized to Wine Styles’ wine club members, the HCWS website, of course, and through local newspapers.  The shop was very busy all afternoon with happy people tasting wines from a variety of countries and regions and socializing with fellow animal lovers.  Jasmine, the floppy eared bunny, was a big hit riding in her custom-made, bejeweled stroller.

Adoptive parents enjoying the day included Matt and Margie Garban who adopted Roxie, a wire-haired Terrier-Dachshund mix three years ago.  Melanie and Allen Meacham also adopted two beagles from HCWS (top picture).  Charlie was their first in 2008 and then Cody followed.  They love to go to the park; chase birds/rodents/lizards.  Each lives by the philosophy to never refuse food, because that would be rude! It took some time and some special attention, but they are a truly harmonious pack!

The wine tasting was followed by yummy food at Fuddruckers, just across the parking lot.  Charisse Taylor, the General Manager, said that her whole family is huge supporters of animals, and that is why they wanted to participate in the event.  For all customers who had the Felines and Fidos redemption flyer, 15% of the total bill went to HCWS.  The prime rib sandwich and onion rings were delicious!



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