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Twilight & Lisa – Best Friends Forever!

Here is an email we received about a sweet little cat named Twilight who was adopted from the Heaven Can Wait PetSmart Adoption Center.

– –

I was never really a “cat person” until I visited our local PetSmart and fell in love.

It was early morning and HCWS wasn’t open yet.  But there in the window was a tiny black kitten with huge yellow-green eyes staring back at me.   I stood for a moment and watched him and as I started to walk away, he decided to follow me in his cage as if to say “don’t go.”


A few days later, I returned and hoped that he was still available for adopting.  He was! The moment I walked into the “meeting area” he came right over to me and jumped on my lap.   It was like he waited for me to come back for him.  And I took him home that afternoon.

His shelter name was John but I renamed him Twilight, also known in the house as “Twi-Twi,” “Twi-Bear” and finally “Mits” because of his cute feet.  Ever since I brought him home, he never leaves my side and follows me everywhere.  He’ll watch me do laundry, cook and clean up around the house.      

Adopting Twilight was the best thing I have ever done.   I encourage anyone and everyone to visit HCWS and adopt a cat or dog.  The people who work there are wonderful, selfless individuals who take excellent care of all the pets in need.   And if you can’t adopt, at least donate to them and help a great cause.

Thank you  Heaven Can Wait  for bringing me my BFF.

Lisa G.


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