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Don’t Give Up On Me

Tye is a big, burly boxer that came to Heaven Can Wait Animal Society from a neglectful home.  He spent the first few years of his life alone in a backyard because his family thought he would hurt a smaller dog in the household. 

This lack of socialization turned Tye into an insecure dog who showed his fear by acting like a big bully.

But the HCWS Dog Coordinators saw something special in Tye and felt sure he could be an exceptional dog – if he found the right owners.

Once Tye was enrolled in the Pups on Parole prison program, the coordinators knew they were right.  Tye loved his handler at the Jean Correctional Facility for Women and would spend every opportunity curled up in her lap.  He also quickly learned all of his basic commands and became a model “dog” student.

Finally Tye’s day came to begin a new life and he was taken to the HCWS adoption center.  But his insecurities reared their ugly head and Tye reverted back to his dominant behavior.  He frightened away every person who had interest in adopting him. 

Then a young man named Joey walked into the adoption center and forever changed Tye’s life.  Joey was familiar with big, energetic dogs and wasn’t intimated by Tye’s dominant nature.  He left that day with Tye in tow.

Joey’s roommate Sandra calls Tye her “baby.”  She shared this about him, “Everything changed when Tye entered this house.  With a whole lot of love and consistent training, he has become a perfect gentleman.  He is the most beautiful loving boxer that anyone could ever want.  You can teach any dog new tricks, but more so, they can show you some new ones, as well.”

Tye is part of a wonderful family who understands him and never gave up on him.  He’s become a “complete ham” and is the center of the many YouTube videos Sandra films.  He loves to show off his swimming abilities in the pool, play dress up for special occasions and have play dates with his doggie girlfriend Leelou.


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  1. Love that Tye could share his story….follow the link below to view Tye Standing in the Pool:

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