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Pups On Parole – So Successful Even Dogs Take Themselves To Prison

Kane is a big, lumbering Coon Hound who was found by a Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper walking along Interstate 15 toward Jean prison.  We’ll never know what was going through Kane’s mind, but it seemed clear to the people in the Pups on Parole program that Kane was taking himself back to the safe prison he had once called home.


Kane is one of the thousands of dogs rescued by Heaven Can Wait Animal Society over the past ten years and rehabilitated by the residents at the Jean and Southern Nevada Correctional Facilities for women.

For many dogs being sent to prison is the beginning of a second chance for a new life.  They heal from the abuse and trauma they have been through and gain their confidence in humans again. 

The residents socialize the dogs and get them ready to live with a new family.  The dogs learn basic commands, walking on a leash and are housebroken.

After only a couple of weeks back at the prison Kane was ready to find a new home.  Our Dog Coordinators worried that his big size, even bigger voice and advanced age of 6 years old would make it hard for him to be adopted.  But then the Goodman family walked into the adoption center.

Ed, Heidi and their son Eddie had lost their Coon Hound mix dog after 17 years and wanted to adopt a similar dog.  They took one look at Kane and knew he had found a home.

The Goodmans say Kane is a gentle giant who is calm around their little dog and extremely careful around the grandmother in the house.  They understand his big howls when he gets excited for his daily walk.  And together they are creating a routine for the entire family.

To adopt a great dog like Kane, visit the HCWS Adoptions Page or come to PetSmart at Rainbow and I-215 every Saturday to meet the dogs in person.


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