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HCWS Helps Animals Victimized By Domestic Abuse

Peanuts is a Chihuahua that suffered from severe disk disease in his spine.  Paw Paw is a tabby cat that was in terrible pain because of a complete urethral obstruction.  Both animals would have died without help from Noah’s Animal House at The Shade Tree shelter for domestic abuse and Heaven Can Wait Animal Society

Paw Paw the Tabby


Since opening its doors in 1990, The Shade Tree recognized the connection between domestic abuse to women and violence to family pets.  Statistics show that many women refuse to leave an abusive relationship and move into a safe shelter because they fear for the lives of the pets left behind. 

In October 2007, The Shade Tree opened an adjacent facility that is dedicated to protecting the cats and dogs of their residents.  Noah’s Animal House gives shelter to these animals until their owners get back on their feet. 

From the very beginning of the program, Heaven Can Wait has been quietly working behind the scenes making sure that every cat and dog at Noah’s Animal House is spayed/ neutered and vaccinated free of charge.

Crystal McIntosh is the manager of Noah’s Animal House and is a licensed veterinary technician.  She said, “HCWS has been amazing.  They reached out to us from the beginning of our program and have fixed approximately 45 dogs/cats that belonged to the homeless and abused women and children residing at The Shade Tree.”  Crystal said this was the number of pets that came through their doors unaltered.

Peanuts and Paw Paw were helped by local veterinarians like Tiffany Paul, DVM and grants from Build A Bear and the Bennett Family Foundation.  And HCWS made sure they will remain healthy through vaccinations and spay and neuter surgeries.


One Response

  1. what a beautiful cat such searching green eyes. i hope paw paw gets a good and loving home like i’ve given my baby who i adopted thru heaven can wait.

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