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Lose a Pound with Your Hound – A Howling Success!

By Carol Lisowski, HCWS Volunteer 

From the tiniest Chihuahuas to Old English Sheepdogs, they came from all parts of the city to walk with their families in Heaven Can Wait’s 10th Annual Lose a Pound With Your Hound Memory Walk at Bunker Family Park on Sunday, October 17th. The day couldn’t have more perfect with the cooler weather, festive atmosphere, and dogs and puppies everywhere you looked. 

There was something for everyone…from the Memory Walk to contests, prizes, games, paw painting, psychic pet and paw reading, photo booth with instant photos of owners with their dogs, vendor bazaars, mobile dog grooming, obstacle course demonstrations, music (dog-themed, of course – “Who Let the Dogs Out” and “Chase the Cat”) and much, much more.  Even Elvis made an appearance, and after performing for the crowd, participated in judging and handing out awards to the winners of the various contests.

The walk itself began around the retention basin and then back to the park walkways, which were lined with the symbolic collars representing over 30,000 animals that are euthanized in our community each year. The majority of the walkers were first-timers to this walk or were on their 2nd or 3rd year, but they all said they would be back next year.

It was a general consensus from all of the humans that this was a hugely successful event for Heaven Can Wait Animal Society, and a barking good time was had by all.



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