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Life As A Shadow

By Magdalena (Red) Mascari, HCWS Volunteer

Did you know that black or black & white cats are not only the least likely to get adopted but are, therefore, the most likely to get euthanized in the shelters? From the superstitious belief that they’re “unlucky,” to people just not seeing them as they pass by their cages at the shelter, black cats are more likely to live out the rest of their lives on a cold shelter floor than warm on someone’s sofa. People stare into the face of a black cat and simply don’t feel they “connect” as well as they’d like. But the truth of it is:  black cats are just as likely to offer you warm, loving companionship as any other cat. Yet every day they are passed by, overlooked by people who cannot resist the superstition, or just see straight through them…as if they weren’t even there.

Sweet DimBulb Needs a New Home (and a New Name)

All animals are deserving of love and a second chance. And we at the Heaven Can Wait Animal Society have a very special Halloween offer we hope will help give them just that!

Through the month of October, Heaven Can Wait Animal Society is offering a special to all owners of black or black & white cats. From October 1st to the 31st HCWS will spay or neuter your male or female cat for only $25! You can call the clinic to make your appointment at (702) 227-5555 (option #2) or e-mail us at: clinic@hcws.org.

And remember:  adopting a black or black & white cat in need is much more likely to bring you good Karma than bad luck.  Happy Halloween!


4 Responses

  1. We love our black cat Nola that we adopted from Heaven Can Wait. It is so cool when she virtually disappears in a dark corner, or always finds something black to lay on for camouflage!

  2. Thanks for mentioning black cats…I lost my beloved Sprint this year after 13 amazing years. He had been with me since he was just a few weeks old, all black with beautiful green eyes. He was one of the smartest, entertaining and loving cats I have ever had. He fetched, had attitude and communicated well. He quickly adopted and parented the other cats I brought home. We had a great connection. As the alpha male of my home, he had a strong presence and he is very much missed by all of us. It is just not the same without him.

  3. To all those people that they think black cats bring bad luck,they are deadly wrong!
    I owen a beautiful black cat named : BLACKIE, and since that day that I had him with me, he brought me so much joy and a lot of good luck! Then, one day he took -off and the good luck with so much of joy left with him and I missed him so much!!! It was a magnificent
    and beautiful cat so affectionate and….

  4. I remember Dimbulb when I worked at the adoption center. I honestly am very sad that he hasn’t found his forever home yet. He is a very sweet guy and would only bring someone good luck and happiness.

    We adopted Paddington (another sweet black Heaven Can Wait cat) in October of 2003. He was very shy and very fearful at first but over time he got comfortable with us and has become quite the cat. He plays with any toy that he can get his paws on and he is loving to other cats. He used to take care of the kittens of Heaven Can Wait. Today he loves nothing better than to curl up on the couch with one of us for a belly rub. He is definitely one of the best and has changed our lives forever.

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