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Perfect Timing


By Angie Diaz, HCWS Volunteer

If you were to have asked the Woloson family if they would ever be the owners of a large breed dog, they would have said no.  So how about a “giant” breed instead?

Owner Mary Woloson shared with me the story of how Abby the Newfoundland puppy came to live with her family last month.  According to Mary, Abby has been a perfect fit and has adapted extremely well into their household, even though she had a rough beginning before being rescued and had never been around kids before.

Abby and three other Newfie puppies were rescued from a breeder that wasn’t taking good care of the dogs.  At four months of age, Heaven Can Wait  took the puppies in and put them into the Pups on Parole  program so they could become socialized and learn some basic obedience skills.  At the same time, one of the Heaven Can Wait dog coordinators remembered that her neighbors, the Wolosons, had several months earlier contemplated adopting another pet.  Although at that time it wasn’t a good fit, the coordinator tried again knowing that she had four puppies looking for homes.

As it turned out, the Wolosons frequent the PetSmart near their home and have from time to time seen the Newfoundland dogs that one of the PetSmart trainers owns and had gotten to know the breed a little bit.  In addition, shortly before the coordinator called, daughter Katherine (age 9) had seen a commercial on TV about dog adoptions and decided that she wanted to adopt a dog for her birthday last month. 

So, when the Wolosons found out about Abby, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  They were ready for another dog (they already own Pixie, a long-haired Chihuahua and Dusty, a Lhasa Apso mix) and their interest in the Newfoundland breed had been raised after seeing them at PetSmart. 

Abby is now 7 months old and already weighs 75 pounds.  Newfoundlands are very large dogs, but they are excellent family pets and have very gentle personalities.  According to Mary, Abby is very obedient and has had ZERO accidents since coming to live with them!  While the Woloson’s other pets might steer clear of Abby because of her size, Katherine and her brother Michael (age 11) are having fun playing with Abby and like to lay on her when Abby is resting.  Apparently Abby will have a burst of energy for about 10-15 minutes, but then will flop down like a stuffed toy.  She does love the water, too, and enjoys swimming in the Woloson’s pool.

Overall, Abby is a big baby and her sweet and goofy personality has endeared Abby to Mary, her husband, and their kids.  According to Mary, this match “was meant to be!”

If the Newfoundland breed interests you, HCWS still has three other puppies waiting for a good home.  You can get the details by e-mailing: dogs@hcws.org.


One Response

  1. I would just like to say i think it is a blessing that you have made it a law that animals are spayed and nuetered, i wish it was that way in all states. i live in south carolina and i am a big animal lover, and it i get so upset by peoples stupidity when it comes to their pets. this year i am taking donations for rugs blankets towels anything that they can use at our shelters here, so far no one has volunteered anything, but that doesn’t surprise me. keep up the good work and bless you for what you do.

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