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One Man’s Trash Gives a Dog’s Life Pleasure

By Krystal Newton, HCWS Volunteer

How many bottles of water and cans of soda do you think you throw away each week?  Each month?  Each YEAR?  Like they say, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, and in the case of the Heaven Can Wait Animal Society  it couldn’t be more true.  About a year ago Judy, Clinic Coordinator of HCWS, decided to collect bottles and cans from around the office to take to recycle centers for a little extra money to help out the organization.  Soon, the recycle bags filled up with more than just trash from around the office; people were bringing their plastic bottles and aluminum cans from home! 

Last month, enough money was earned to underwrite the cost for HCWS to spay/neuter 3 dogs or 4 male cats or 3 female cats.  The number of homeless animals that are prevented with these spays/neuters is enormous.  With your help – and your trash – HCWS could save thousands of unwanted animals from being born and help increase the quality of life for other animals as well.

Recycling Will Help Pay For Neutering a Pup Like "Bolt"

If you are interested in dropping your recycled materials off to help save the lives of countless animals, there are 2 simple steps:

 1.  Save your recycled materials

2.  Take them to the HCWS clinic:  546 N. Eastern Ave. #175 from 10a.m.-4p.m. Mon-Thurs.

 Here are just a few things to remember about your recycled material: 

  • Beer and soda cans must be separated from pet food cans
  • Cloudy plastic bottles – such as milk jugs – cannot be accepted
  • Steel pet food cans – such as Alpo dog food – cannot be accepted
  • Laundry detergent, salad dressing containers, and plastic food containers are not accepted
  • Unfortunately, for now we are not collecting glass bottles – just cans and plastic, please

 If you are interested in learning more about this program, please contact Judy with HCWS (at Jerickson@hcws.org).  She is more than willing to share information and would like for someone to be able to take over this successful program one day.


2 Responses

  1. You need to add a weekend day for people to drop off their recycleables. The hours that you are available just cut me out of helping. I drink a ton of soda and have alot of cans & could be contributing but not during normal working hours.

    • you are absolutely right. The hours we have available right now are when the clinic is open. I will get together with our clinic manager and see if we can arrange something on Sundays when we do feral cat clinics. thank you for your support and suggestions!

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