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Every Adoption Makes a Difference

Being in the rescue business can be tough. We see a lot of sadness in the world of animals, but every day we are inspired by the happy stories we hear from families that have adopted one of our special furbabies into their forever home. It keeps us going and keeps us working towards a the goal of no more homeless pets in Las Vegas.

Katie was kind enough to email us this photo and story of her successful adoption. Enjoy, and if you have room in your home for a homeless cat or dog, please take a moment and browse Heaven Can Wait’s wonderful adoptables. You can make a difference.

I just wanted to share my happily-ever-after story about my cat Molly (previously Angel) that I adopted from HCWS in July, 2004.  She’s come such a long way since I first brought her home.  It took her several months to stop hiding behind the TV whenever people were around, but by October she was comfortable enough to sit in my lap.  She has slept with me every night since she came home and keeps me warm in the winter.  Molly has been a wonderful addition to my household and now has a Chiweenie brother, Pete.  While not the best of friends –  I was lucky enough to get a quick picture of them sharing the big basket in front of the fire last winter.  During the day she enjoys watching the birds out the window and playing with paper bags.  Thanks, HCWS for bringing Molly into my life. – Katie


One Response

  1. Love the story, and I think it helps people to understand the important fact that an animal who has been through a stressful situation (abandonment, sheltering, etc) may take MONTHS to acclimate to a new household. It takes time for them to realize it isnt temporary anymore, and come out of their shell. Once they do, your patience is rewarded with a pet who is wonderfully affectionate and appreciative. You are their rescuer, and you just need to give them time to understand that. Love HCWS, you guys are the best.

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